Debt Collection is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s most common complaint

drawing4At the end of each month the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) posts statistics about the most common complaints for the prior month.  Not surprising is that debt collection calls remain are the most common complaint the CFPB receives.

According to the CFPB,

“For January 2017, debt collection was the most-complained-about financial product or service. Of the approximately 29,000 complaints handled in January, there were 7,730 complaints about debt collection. The second most-complained-about consumer product was student loans, which accounted for 5,389 complaints. The third most-complained-about financial product or service was credit reporting, accounting for 4,620 complaints.”

According to CFPB statistics, one in four consumers felt threatened by debt collectors.  According to the Fair Debt Collection Act (FDCA), debt collection agencies are required to stop contacting debtors upon proper request.  However, a majority of Debt Collection Agencies violate the provisions of FDCA.

Geraci Law L.L.C. knows how difficult debt collectors can be, especially payday loan stores.  Do you have problems with debt?  The Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury offices can help you consolidate, negotiate or eliminate your debt.  Call 1-800-CALL-PFG to speak to a counselor for immediate assistance.

5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews


March 8, 2017: “I have had a very good experience with Mr. Mok. He has been very helpful with the bankruptcy procedure.”



March 3, 2017: “Attorney Ashley was very nice and professional. She made me feel at home when I first came and made sure that I was comfortable with the payments and made sure that I understood everything. I met Mr. Geraci twice and he VERY NICE and down to earth! I couldn’t believe it!”

March 8, 2017: “Lisa was sensational and excellent. She made me feel like a person not just client.”


March 8, 2017: “I came because my parents came before and the television commercials. I thought that it was fast and easy with Geraci Law. I thought it was going to be stressful but it wasn’t, so straightforward!”

March 6, 2017: “I do recommend them If you are trying to file bankruptcy. Erik and Lacey were so helpful and walked me through all of the steps that I needed. I am happy to be a client.”


5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews

March 1, 2017: 5starreviews“I was very impressed with how quickly Ann Kramer helped me filed my case. I am very satisfied with Geraci Law.”

March 1, 2017: “We were so worried about filing bankruptcy but Abraham made it simple and easy. We are so grateful to Geraci Law for making a difficult process easy and painless.”

February 28, 2017: “Almost 2yrs after my discharge, something came out of nowhere and needed to be handled asap. Geraci responded. Problem solved and no extra fees.Whew!”

February 28, 2017: “Joe **** and Robert **** both handled my case excellently and answered all my questions. Felicia ****** was also great and helped me when I came pay off my balance in full. Thank you Geraci Law!”

February 28, 2017: “I really enjoyed working with Cecil to get my case filed. He took his time to explain everything to me. He was very kind and wonderful throughout.”


5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews

5starreviewsFebruary 27, 2017: “I really enjoy every time I come to my office in RiverOaks Mall. Everyone is always nice and easy to work with. They are also very hard working and understanding as well. More importantly they’re always open to trying new ways of solving any problem that comes up. I really appreciate all that they do. This staff is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!”

February 23, 2017:  “The Crest Hill office relieved a lot of stress off me and were very professional and explained things all along the way. Moses is very professional and is always on top of things and this firm worked hard for me and got things resolved quickly.”

February 22, 2017:  Thank you Liz for helping me get out of debt. After separating from my husband, everything came tumbling down and you helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

February 22, 2017: “The Merrillville Office was so great to assist me with my Chapter 13 filing. I am soooo happy that I’m now saving over $2k a month in my monthly expenses. I’m now able to save a minimal of $300 a month. Thank you so much Attorney Ball, and Rodney for assisting me with my filing. I’m so happy I did my Chapter 13. I’m now able to save and budget as I wanted to for years!”

Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law File Pro Bono Case

tep-with-clientA former paralegal who has legal experience and knew where to go when she had a legal matter, came to Geraci Law for help.  Geraci Law represents more paralegals and legal secretaries than most firms.  Large law firms know where to refer their workers with legal problems that corporate firms do not handle.
Ms. Stovall came into img_0539the Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney office in downtown Chicago, IL.  Attorney Tepeli greeted Ms. Stovall with a smile.  She signed her bankruptcy petition, with an Attorney Fee disclosure of, “$0.00.” While Attorney Tepeli filed the case, Peter Francis Geraci met with Ms. Stovall, pictured on the left, and discussed various aspects of her case.

This case was another success at the Peter Francis Geraci Law bankruptcy and injury firm.

5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews


February 17, 2017: “I really appreciated what Geraci Law did for me. They took the time to review the case thoroughly and make sure that I was satisfied. I would highly recommend them.”

February 13, 2017: “Want to give many thanks to Geraci Law, Atty Morgan D*****. This organization was very clear, precise and helpful in walking me thru all legal aspects of bankruptcy process. Morgan D***** helped me to take a breath and remain calm and clear about what the process would involve. Any time I had any questions their online “Client Corner” made it very easy and efficient to obtain a clear response. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking assistance!”

February 12, 2017: “Geraci law made a very scary process very easy and smooth. When I first went it I didn’t know what to expect and after about 5 minutes of starting they had walked me through the process and I was already starting to calm down from the stress of everything. They continued to take care of me the entire time I was going through all of this great at answering my questions and getting me the correct answer every time. All in all a great group of people willing to make sure that you are taken care of.”

February 9, 2017: “The information provided by the attorneys at Geraci was very insightful. They assisted me in understanding my future economic responsibilities. I would recommend them to anyone needing similar assistance.”

Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez Injury and Worker’s Compensation Results

Geraci, Arreola, Hernandez LLC and their co-counsel obtained a $450,000 settlement in an injury case.  Our client, a hard working mason, herniated discs in his back after tripping over debris left over from a cement company.  The cement company did not clean up after working, creating an unsafe work environment and causing our client’s injury.  After settling, the client can expect to receive more than $170,000 from his injury.

gahIn a personal injury claim, Geraci Arreola, Hernandez LLC and their co-counsel obtained a $700,000 settlement in a case involving an accident with an Over the Road Truck Driver.  A semi-truck hit Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez’s client on Interstate 55 causing a multi-vehicle pileup.  The accident was so severe; the client suffered a broken neck on her #6 vertebrae, clavicle, and scapula.  The client also broke 4 ribs as a result of the accident.  Our client received more than $440,000 from the case.

Geraci, Arreola, and Hernandez and their co-counsel obtained a $250,000 settlement for a client involved in a motor vehicle accident.  The incident seemed simple, a three-car accident resulting from the client stopping at a light.  When insurance companies only offered $500 for our client’s injuries, she decided to hire Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez.  The $500 offer would not cover medical bills for our client’s fractured left wrist in addition to tendons and ligament damage.  After the settlement, our client will recover more than $73,000 due to the accident.

In a Worker’s Compensation case, against one the United States largest retail companies, Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez and their co-counsel helped our client receive a settlement of $550,000.  Our client, who worked retail sales, slipped on a puddle of water at work and tore her meniscus.  The tear was severe enough to require surgery.  After hiring another firm, our client was not satisfied with the work.  She hired Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez who filed the proper paperwork to substitute in the case.  Our client’s case was handled in a quick and efficient manner.  As a result of the good work, completed on this case, our client will receive more than $227,000.