Geraci Law in Tampa

Geraci Law attorneys Rob Brynjelsen and Jonathan Parker attended CLE (Continuing Legal Education) in Tampa. We can help Tampa (and Florida) residents file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Here’s some of the photos from their visit!

Geraci Law Attends CLE in French Lick, Indiana

Geraci Law attorneys attended Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in French Lick, Indiana.

Geraci Law attorneys attended Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in French Lick, Indiana. Before CLE, Geraci Law attorneys and law clerks attended a dinner to talk about Indiana Bankruptcy. Attorneys attended “Advanced Individual Bankruptcy Chapters 7 & 13.”

From Top – Right to Left: Attorney Peter Francis Geraci, Attorney Rodney Geer, Attorney Erik Dickinson, Attorney Robert (Bobby) Fine

From Bottom – Right to Left: Law Clerk Allyson Patterson, Attorney Lacey Faul, Law Clerk Alexander Starkey, Attorney Chad Garrapy

Attorney Peter Francis Geraci at the Crossroads of America!

Attorney Peter Francis Geraci at Launch in Terre Haute Indiana!

Attorney Geraci found Geraci Law!

Attorney Peter Francis Geraci putting the I in Indy!

Geraci Law visiting Indiana Statue University!

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Geraci Law at Kohler Conference

Geraci Law Wisconsin attorneys attend the Kohler Conference.

Geraci Law Attorneys attended the Kohler Conference in Wisconsin. Attorney Felicia Petroff was asked to be on a panel for the conference for her bankruptcy knowledge.

Attorney Felicia Petroff as a member on the panel.


Attorney Andrew Golanowski & Attorney Joseph Blaha.


Attorney Robert Crawley & Attorney Kathryn Mackenzie


Attorney Lisa Ellmaurer & Attorney Brent Berning


Attorneys Brent Berning, Kathryn Mackenzie, Abraham Pinon, Robert Crawley, Lisa Ellmaurer & Andrew Golanowski


Attorney Robert Brynjelsen


Attorney Brent Berning


Geraci Law Wisconsin Attorneys


Attorneys celebrating at the Kohler conference.


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