Attorney Peter Francis Geraci Accepts Pro Bono Appointment in Moline, IL.

photo1Geraci Law trial attorneys Peter Francis Geraci and Jonathan Parker traveled to the E. Moline Correctional Ctr., a minimum-security state prison in East Moline Illinois. Why the road trip? Chief judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern district of Illinois Ruben Castillo appointed Peter Francis Geraci, from the federal courts trial bar list of attorneys willing to accept pro bono appointments. The three cases judge Castillo assigned were all filed pro se by a 30-year-old Cook County jail pretrial detainee, alleging bad jail conditions, and lack of proper mental health medication. The assignment is to consolidate the three lawsuits into one complaint, and to proceed with the prosecution of these prisoner claims. When the plaintiff was an inmate at cook County jail, he complained of in January, overflowing toilets, and retaliation for making complaints. He also complained of failure of guards and healthcare workers at the jail do provide him with the medication he was taking before he was incarcerated. He later was sentenced on a criminal charge, and transferred from cook County jail to E. Moline Correctional Ctr.
photo3As Geraci and Parker approached the correctional center, which is three hours west of Chicago on Interstate 88, the sign don’t pick up hitchhikers was the first indication. Rounding a bend, the correctional center appeared high on a hill just east of the Mississippi in East Moline. This is a minimum-security prison. The atmosphere was much different, Geraci said, from the other state prisons in Illinois, some of which are maximum security, and most of which are in downstate Illinois. E. Moline Correctional Ctr. is the only Western Illinois state present. It is just south of the federal prison that stands vacant in Thomson  Illinois, a town of about 600 people

photo5Downtown East Moline is very worn out this is a picture of the main drag at 11 AM that goes along the river as you had to the Mississippi. This road is below the Mississippi River Bluff up on the bluff is a brand-new road that runs between Davenport and Moline and extends into East Moline where all the new stuff is.



photo6Here’s a view from the east bank of the Mississippi, with Attorney Parker, just north of East Moline. The river is pretty high, and starting to flood little bit. Farther north, by Cedar Rapids Iowa, during our trip, there were serious flood issues up into Wisconsin. This is about 100 miles south of where the blood problems are right now.  The area around the quad cities, Moline Davenport, Rock Island and East Moline, is the only place in its journey to the Gulf of Mexico where the Mississippi runs east to west. There is a kind of a similar area around New Orleans, where the river goes in a crescent, which is what gives New Orleans its name Crescent City.

5 Star Geraci Law Reviews!

Geraci5Star Geraci Law 5 Star Reviews From Avvo! 

“Excellent Job: My name is Linda. It got to the point I was buried in credit card debt. You see, I never understood variables, short term goals, long term goals, I used to say “I don’t make goals, that’s boring. ” I have seen Peter Francis Geraci advertising for years & I was driving up Ogden & saw a building w/his face on it. I went in, signed up. I got the BEST LAWYER Christine. Boy, she had my thoughts written down before I spoke them. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Then there were the 2 Hananwill classes 1 w/Jay & 1 w/John K. At first it was hard because I don’t know shorthand but when I got the pkg from them to do the evaluation and assessment I LEARNED SOOO MUCH!! Next to my bible that packet will be my 2nd bible. this is the very BEST law firm. I will NEVER NEVER go anywhere Else! and I mean that! When I called w/a question no matter which lawyer picked up the phone they knew about my case and had an answer for me. God Bless you Geraci Law Firm. I am witnessing to each & every person that I can about your superb service & care.”

“Smooth Bankruptcy Experience: The lawyer was specific on how the whole process worked. Made me feel at ease with the bankruptcy process. We went thru the creditors to make sure everything was in order. I let him know that there was one missing and he looked into it right away. So I just signed a paper that would allow it to be amended in. Once again the experience was smooth and not scary like I had thought.”

“Guided us Through: From the moment we sat down to discuss our bankruptcy Peter Francis Geraci has guided us through the process at every step. We knew what requirements were needed and given easy access to complete them. When my wife was out of work for several months due to surgery Mr. Geraci was a good liason to the bankruptcy trustee. Customer service was prompt.
All we had to do was follow Mr. Geraci’s instructions and all went well.”

Financial Expert?

CCardThe Chicago “Fibune” is still printing worn out recycled nonsense from self-styled “financial expert” Terry Savage.  This time, Savage (and she has a picture there from 40 years ago) is telling senior citizens who can’t handle their debt to go to an operation called “Debt Counsel for Seniors and the Disabled.” What is that?  It’s good old Jerry Lamet, who gets old people in under the guise of “helping them face the terror of losing their exempt Social Security funds. The game is that he’s talking about their credit report, and how negative items stay on for seven years, and the bankruptcy stays on for 10 years, like it some big deal to us 75-year-old who is being sued by a creditor. He then gets them to pay them $125-$250, and then he claims as low as $25-$30 a month, and what he does for that is tell creditors that they can’t call on the telephone.

Jerry used to be a government lawyer, and then he quit, and became a creditor lawyer, now he sucked up with some lawyer in Florida telling seniors not to file bankruptcy, but to pay him at least five or $600, and then get them hooked up on a monthly thing so that they stay in debt. That’s pretty weird because in Florida, bankruptcies don’t cost much more than that, the lawyers their living on half pay and half sunshine, just like all the old retired people. In addition Florida is the state that provides huge bankruptcy exemptions. Terry Savage and Jerry LaMotte, however are publishing newspaper articles that make it seem like seniors have something to gain by staying in debt. It’s only Terry Savage and Jerry that are gaining by them staying in debt.

On top of it, it sure looks like to me that Jerry’s trying to pick up Social Security disability and fair debt collection act violation cases from these seniors. Most lawyers don’t charge anything if somebody has such a violation, but with the monthly payment plan, you have to wonder what’s really going on. The website claims that have “helped” 14,000 people since 1998. If old Jerry got 750 bucks from each one, he’s collected a cool $10,500,000. Now, 1998 is an eon ago, 18 years. That’s only $583,333.33 a year. From the website it looks like it’s just Jerry and is friend in Florida, and about 10 clerks. But even with 12 people working that’s only about 60,000 a year gross, so there must be a heck of a lot of money coming in from Social Security disability and fair debt collection action practices cases.

Thanks a bunch Terry and Jerry. And thanks a bunch for viewing with your half-baked information. Maybe you should get another of your half-baked reporters like little Kim from Australia to tell only half the story. Kim sure caught his lunch from Tony Preckwinkle when he misquoted or and maligned her in his goofy gossip column. And thank you very much, Fibune, for your bizarre nonfactual reporting today about the 56-year-old from the suburbs who got his brains blown out in front of the face fountain at Monroe in Michigan. You even write in the story that it was outside millennium Park. Sure, by 3 feet. And then you make up a bunch of nonsense about a “person of interest”. When in should just tell us what the gunmen looked like, why he was on a bicycle, why he was without a woman who attacked the dead guys sister when she tried to grab him, why this sister would ask you try to grab a guy who had just blown her brothers brains out at 7:30 PM in the crowd of tourists, or something else interesting. But no, you put a story by Terry Savage on the right-hand column, and waste 20 inches of press on a bunch of nonsense. No wonder your newspaper is busted.

Note to Terry and Jerry: seniors who are in debt benefit greatly by filing a bankruptcy. You try explaining to a sheriff’s deputy and a flak jacket who’s serving you with a summons to appear in court that your Social Security is exempt. You try to get a parking place at the Bridgeview or Maywood courthouse to answer a summons on a debt that you don’t all. You’re way better off filing a bankruptcy case when it gets to this point, especially if the debts are collectible. And what is this nonsense about the credit report. Senior should not be worried about their “credit report”. It’s just another trick by Terry Savage to get them back into debt so that creditors call them with debts they can’t pay, so that Jerry can tell the creditors not to call it even says on his website that he can’t protect them against a court lawsuits. That’s what you get when you tell a creditor to shove off. They sue you.  Seniors are poorly served by this kind of weird “legal advice”.  Terry Savage is not the friend of senior, nor is Jerry. This article is just another example of deliberate misinformation by the Tribune for no good reason. Perhaps there is a reason: not enough car dealers are buying ads in your paper and you have to fill it up with something.

Peter Francis Geraci Law 5 Star Reviews

Geraci5StarPosted by Heather 9/17/2016: “I was in deep financial trouble and needed help to get out of debt. I wanted to make sure that I had an attorney working with me that could handle my complicated situation. At Geraci Law Offices, Attorney Alex George did not just handle my case, he explained information so that I would understand what was happening. He walked me through everything, step-by-step. Everyone I talked to at Geraci Law Offices was friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to help answer my questions. This relieved my stress and helped me move forward, knowing I was in good hands and being taken care of.”


Posted by Samuel 9/17/2016: “Hi, I wanted to just share a little about our experience with bankruptcy and how Peter Francis Geraci’s lawfirm helped us. I have to say that the experience was quick, and easy. We hired our attorney at our first meeting. My only thing I did not like that for our second appointment we had a different attorney. He was good as well, but we had already explained our situation to the first attorney only to have our file handed over to someone else, felt a little impersonal, but everything went very smoothly. I recently called the office to inquire about my files which are 3 years old and the person on the other line, not sure if I am allowed to share names, so I will name her “J” was super helpful, friendly and answered my questions in a timely manner. Very professional and very good customer service. Thank you”

Geraci Law Takes Birth Injury Case!

gahGeraci Law has been retained in another maternal birth injury case. A Geraci Law bankruptcy client went to a Chicago hospital for her seven month checkup. Supposedly, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and despite having a planned delivery at another hospital, the staff at this hospital decided that she needed a cesarean section.

She consented, and was hospitalized after the successful cesarean delivery to recover. In the morning, however, she was found with the IV bag empty, and stopped breathing. She was resuscitated but is now in a coma. As with any possible malpractice case, said Attorney Peter Francis Geraci, “it is a mystery until we obtain the records and get expert opinions. In this case, since the client is in a coma and any nursing home, we are pointing her husband as the guardian, so that we may obtain the records.”  Under Illinois law, the person who cannot give consent to a medical provider to release records, where there is no advanced health care directive, presents a problem.

If it was a death, Illinois law provides that the surviving spouse, or other family members, may obtain the records. The Illinois law regarding obtaining records, when a person is in eight coma, should be changed so that the records can be obtained the same as one the person is deceased.  Unfortunately, when the law was amendeded in 2011, 735 ILCS 5/8-2001.5 only allowed relatives of a deceased person to obtain records for malpractice review, or social security needs, without a formal guardianship proceeding that takes several months to accomplish.

Geraci Law BBB Review

bbb-a-plusI went to Geraci Law to file my Chapter 7 so that I would be able to get a fresh start on my finances. The staff was more than welcoming as I came in for my consultation, I was nervous and a bit embarrassed but quickly those feelings went away thanks to the Geraci team! I was assisted by Attorney Abraham P**** whom from the start knew what he was talking about. Unlike previous attorneys I had met with, Abraham gave me the honest truth on my situation and explained everything in terms that I understood he was also more than willing to answer any and all questions that I had regarding the process. I was able to review all my options and pick the solution that was in my best interest. The entire process was very straight forward and fast! I was also involved in every step and decision made as the Geraci team really strives to communicate with you so that you know all that is going on! I am very happy that I choose to work with Geraci Law as they truly helped me as well as worked with me to make filing affordable that fit my budget! I would highly recommend anyone that is struggling with debt and bill collectors to take that first step and visit the Geraci Law team!

Wells Fargo Continues to Fraud

WFFraud.pngGeraci Law has been battling Wells Fargo for years.  Today they announced a settlement of $158 million involving credit cards.  Their President, John Stumpf, never went to jail for the mortgage meltdown, and no criminal charges were brought this time either. Stumpf did fire 5000 Wells Fargo employees, supposedly.  “Maybe he should fire himself” said Geraci Law founder Peter Francis Geraci.

A few months ago Geraci Law clients, in active Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, received checks for Wells Fargo failing to timely perform escrow analysis on homes.  Again, Attorney Geraci corrected the Wells Fargo ship by sending all the checks to his clients.