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The Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy & Injury Offices love receiving a “thank you” after a successful case. Geraci Law is one of the most reviewed law firms in the country and has more than 4,000 5-star reviews.   You can see our reviews on AVVO, YELP, GOOGLE+ and the BBB websites.


Geraci Law is widely known as a nice place to work.  All attorneys and staff subscribe to the firm’s mission statement, which may be summarized as, “Nice people doing nice things for nice people.”

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When I came to Geraci Law, I was in a bad place… I’d lost my job, was in the process of losing my car, and had just moved back to Illinois. This firm gave me hope and proceeded to assist me in putting my life back in order. I will forever be grateful to this firm and the staff whose kindness and professionalism gave me my life back.

tarMy experience with Tarek Khalil was with one of the most reassuring and competent counselors I have had the pleasure of dealing with. His intelligence and prudent judgment helped me overcome my fear and apprehension. Thank you!

dalDale was extremely knowledgeable and kept me well informed of the entire process. His demeanor was always professional and empathetic even when he needed to advise me of information I did not necessarily want to hear. He always responded timely and kept me in the loop; patient despite by many questions and sometimes unwarranted opposition. I truly appreciated his efforts.

drawing4I just want to say that filing a chapter 13 was a difficult decision but when I meet with the staff at Geraci law they explained everything in simple terms. During this 4 1/2 year process I have contacted the office by phone and email and all questions were answered professional and promptly. Registering for Geraci law web site and national bankruptcy database made it easy to track my case and progress. I would recommend them to anyone looking for advice on bankruptcy and your options.

The Doves and the Crow

Crow1The story of the Raven and the dove is as old as the story of Noah and the flood.  It is found in the Torah and in Genesis 8:6 – 12.   Noah sent the Raven to circle and see if the waters were gone, and the Raven did not return, and so no one knew the water had receded. Noah then sent out the dove to see if there were any green things growing.  In the Bible, the Raven is an unclean bird, and the dove is a clean bird.

Crow2Anyway, there are no ravens in Chicago.  Only crows.   And crows eat other birds. Doves nest under the small bushes on our balcony window boxes. However, these skies of downtown Chicago are filled with Hawks, so the doves need to make sure they stay very still when they are nesting, and that they train their babies to fly very quickly, keeping them in the nest until they are large enough to fly away. We have not seen a Crow in downtown Chicago in 15 years.  But, just when tCrow23he newborns, from a nest of doves, were about big enough to fly, guess who appeared?  The Crow.  And it is looking right at the doves’ nest.  The doves moved to the other side of the building. But, they did not move soon enough since there were two baby doves, now there is only one.  This is a pretty common problem, with crows and doves.

CFPB Sues OCWEN for Failing Borrowers During Mortgage Servicing Process

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed suit against OCWEN, one of the nation’s largest nonbank mortgage companies.  The lawsuit was filed on April 20, 2017.  According to the lawsuit, OCWEN failed borrowers during the mortgage servicing process.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Director, Richard Cordray said in a statement,

“Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is filing a lawsuit against Ocwen, one of the nation’s largest nonbank mortgage servicers. We are seeking relief to compensate consumers for years of systemic and significant errors throughout the mortgage servicing process, which cost some of them their homes. We allege that Ocwen calculated loan balances improperly, misapplied borrower payments, and botched escrow and insurance payments. We believe Ocwen failed to properly investigate and fix these problems when people formally complained, and it illegally foreclosed on borrowers. And we believe Ocwen compounded these failures by selling the servicing rights to these loans without fully disclosing or correcting errors in people’s records.”

According to the lawsuit, OCWEN failed borrowers by:

  • Serviced loans using error-riddled information
  • Illegally foreclosed on homeowner by failing to deliver required foreclosure protections. As a result, it is alleged that OCWEN wrongfully initiated foreclosure proceedings on at least 1,000 people, and has wrongfully held foreclosure sales.
  • Failed to credit borrowers’ payments.
  • Botched escrow accounts by failing to properly apply escrow payment.
  • Mishandled hazard insurance:
  • Bungled borrowers’ private mortgage insurance
  • Deceptively signed up and charged borrowers for add-on products
  • Failed to assist heirs seeking foreclosure alternatives
  • Failed to adequately investigate and respond to borrower complaints
  • Failed to provide complete and accurate loan information to new servicers

The CFPB is requesting that OCWEN follow mortgage servicing laws and pay penalties.  You can read the lawsuit at the CFPB website:


Friday Attorney Profile

img_0132Jason M. Shimotake

has been a Geraci Law, L.L.C. attorney for over five years. With almost a decade’s experience in a variety areas of law, Attorney Shimotake has honed his focus in consumer bankruptcy with Geraci Law, L.L.C. He has experience in all aspects of the bankruptcy process, from counseling to complex litigation issues. He has counseled and guided thousands of clients through the process and ready to help you with your journey through bankruptcy.

Attorney Shimotake attended Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and has degrees in English and Political Science. He received his Juris Doctorate at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL and was admitted to the Illinois State Bar in 2008. In addition to the Illinois State Bar, Attorney Shimotake has federal licenses in the Northern District of Illinois, the Northern District of Indiana and the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

He works at Geraci Law at 87th & Cottage Grove. In the Chatham Village Square Shopping Center near Target, Nike, Lane Bryant and Foot Locker. Meeting with Attorney Shimotake is free, just dial 800 CALL PFG.

5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorneys Reviews

5starreviewsApril 6, 2017: “Very happy with the results, Thanks to Briana, she was always there to answer my questions. Thanks to her we have started a new chapter in our life.”

April 6, 2017: “I appreciate the help I have received from both Attorney’s that have helped me. Filing Bankruptcy is embarrassing to me, and they never once made me feel beneath them. Everyone here is great, and I am so glad I chose to come here to help me.”

April 5, 2017: “Love love love”

April 4, 2017: “I’ve had a very positive experience with Geraci Law. The attorneys that helped me were David and Liz. Both were very thorough in explaining the process. I would recommend Geraci Law to anyone who is having financial troubles, like myself. I am so thankful that they took the time to help me.”

April 4, 2017:  “The attorneys at Geraci Law are very kind and professional. They are understanding and listen to you problems. The hours are convenient and the service is great. I would definitely recommend Geraci Law to my friends.”

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CFPB Corrects Credit Reporting Problems

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been working on fixing data accuracy, repairing dispute processes and cleaning up information from data furnishers.

The director of the CFPB, Richard Cordray,  says,

“Since we began our oversight work, the CFPB has been uncovering and correcting problems in the consumer reporting industry, Because of our work, important improvements are being made. Much more work needs to be done but our corrective actions are leading to positive changes that are benefiting consumers all over the country.”

The main assistance to consumers maybe how consumer reporting companies are required to handle disputes.  According to the new policies, the consumer reporting agencies must maintain evidence that they accurately handled the disputes and conducted a reasonable investigation.  Also part of the dispute process is how consumers are notified of the completion of an investigation.  According to the CFPB,

“continued monitoring has shown that the consumer reporting companies have improved processes for investigating disputes and are improving response letters to consumers.”

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, more commonly known as the FCRA, requires an investigation into the consumer dispute and proper noticing to the consumer withing 30 days.

Although these are important milestones in correcting the credit reporting process, it doesn’t help individuals who suffered from bad credit scores due to poor reporting.  Geraci Law sees a lot of individuals who suffer from bad credit scores due to inaccurate reporting.  Unfortunately, a credit score still determines the cost of financing.  The difference in an average credit score and a good credit score means percentage points when financing a house or car.

You can learn more by visiting the CFPB site: