Oak Park Geraci Law Clients

“Crazy how you end up with a lawyer with the same name as you. But Nicholas was very help fun with the whole process. Took the time to explain everything with me and what will work best for me. I would definitely recommend this office and Nicholas.”

“There are so many attorneys out there offering bankruptcy services that I thought it would be a nightmare finding the right attorney, and going  through bankruptcy is something nobody wants to go through but at    The Peter Francis Geraci LLC  they make it as quick and painless as possible. Everyone was very professional and always on top of the situation.  I had privilege to work with Liz and Scott  , both are very knowledgeable and informative and they are compassionate at the same time. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs help with their finances.”


“They are excellent, fast precise and very knowledgeable to work with. If I had to do it again I would but thank God I won’t have to 😂😊😊”

“When I got out of the Marine Corps. life was really hard, finding a job and maintaining my finances was really stressful. So I sought professional help. After the first conversation with Mr.Wylie Mok at the Peter Francis Geraci team all of my worries were put to rest. I know I wasn’t the easiest client to deal with so I would like to thank him specifically. I would advise anyone with financial troubles to contact the Peter Francis Geraci law firm, they helped me tremendously.”

“Maria and David were extremely polite and very helpful. They made this process for me stress free and easy to comprehend. They worked with me and made sure I understood everything before moving on to the next. I would recommend this Oak Park office to anyone in need of bankruptcy help. They were great. Thank you all very much for all your help, time, patience, and kindness. ”

David was the best lawyer that I ever had he explained everything by detail and they also treated me with respect I would recommend him to anyone thanks David. “

Geraci Law River Oaks Clients

Loved the paralegal & the entire firm they were very pleasant & they didn’t make me feel ashamed or embarrassed. I would recommend them to those friends in need of help.” – Brinda

The service that I received was very positive. They took their time to explain what would take place once I filed. They also was available for any questions that I had over the phone. Very polite regardless of my situations.” – Cheryl

Very helpful   sensitive to your needs and situation with what’s going on with you i will recommend them to anyone and everyone who might need assistant.” – Lavera

Peter Francis Geraci employees are fantastic, patient, informative and most of all very professional.  During my appointments they made me feel at ease and never looked down on me or judge the decisions I made with my credit.  They only made sure I had the tools I need to not repeat those decisions again.  I highly recommend Peter Francis Geraci to everyone that have credit problems.” – Renae

I Love How They Guided Me To The Best Chapter To File & Help Me Throughout The Whole Process To Make The Best Decisions Along The Way!!!” – Red

As a client of Peter Francis Geraci. I’m very satisfied with the service. They are very professional. They explain the bankruptcy in a way you’ll get the full understanding. I would recommend anyone to use their services.” – Dekayla

Geraci has made the process of filing a bankruptcy easy. They took the time to assist me and to explain in details the steps that would be taken as well as the best options for me.” – Devita

I Darien Robinson would like to gave a special thank to the guys at Geraci law for help me and my wife for get our credit back on track and helping us start over fresh thanks guys.” – Derien

Indianapolis Geraci Law Clients LOVE Geraci Law & East Washington!

“We knew nothing about filing for bankruptcy we arrived at Geraci Law. Robert is not Francis; but he is close. We have enjoyed the man and found him to be very informative. Robert made the process understandable and as painless as possible. We are now in a much better financial position and are happy we chose Geraci Law.”

“Very professional, knowledgeable staff who were eager to help and answered all my questions. They got me in quick reviewed my case, and were able to make all the deadlines in time to save my home! Thanks Geraci Law!”

“Robert from Geraci Law was AMAZING!!! Highly recommended, the best person for the job, takes his time makes sure you understand everything that’s going on. I highly recommend Geraci Law”

“This is my 2nd visit for debt relief service and I’m very satisfied on how they have helped me. Courteous and Thorough! I highly recommended.”

“Eric has been extremely helpful in guiding me through this process. I highly recommend Geraci law firm to anyone going similar hardships. Thank you to the entire team at East side office of Geraci.”
“Very Helpful, made me feel very comfortable. Filing was a hard decision for me. I have referred several of my friends and family that are in a financial distress.”

PFG Clients “love love love” Garfield & Wentworth!

I love, love, love Rick and Cecil. They explained and answered all my questions about my case. I will be recommending them to friends and relatives. I couldn’t have asked for better and knowledgeable attorneys.

Very great experience. I felt very comfortable an open discussing my personal issues. Every step of the way they were there to answer questions. This was the best decision I’ve made coming to this company An allowing them to assist me in my case.”

It was quick and easy they answered all my question they even help me get a vehicle… I would recommend them to anyone great service….

I had an awesome experience with Tarek Khalil. He doesn’t know it but he’s a blessing in disguise. I will refer/recommend him as well as the company.

My experience with geraci law was phenomenal they explained to me all my opinions was very professional and very understanding to my situation I totally recommend geraci law to any and everyone who needs help with getting their life back on track
“The service is professional and awesome! They make sure you understand everything and answered all my questions in a timely manner. If you need there services give them a call!😊👍🏽”
“Excellent customer service,  The Wentworth Office is convenient and easily accessible…
Attorney Khalil was very helpful in explaining my concerns and answering any questions that I had regarding my case.”

Geraci Law Joliet Clients

I have had great experience with this law firm. Always able too speak with someone at all times. Many locations available. Very present  attorneys. Will do their best too help you. Save and dig you out of debit. I recommend too anyone in need of help.” – Jackie

I have had a great experience with Geraci Law. Adam and Kristin are wonderful and answer any question you might have about the process. They listen to your story and treat you with respect. I am happy with my decision to go with Geraci Law for my bankruptcy needs.” – Amanda

Adam and Tarek were both so helpful and made this bad situation much better to understand and handle .. thank you so very much” – Paul

l was on an appointment today with my wife at Geraci law firm and she is leaving the office very happy because of the assistance she received so I highly recommend Geraci law firm if you need assistance with your debt.” – Curtis

Great business. Adam Suchy was really great. No worries to be pressured in to anything. Would definitely recommend. Thanks.” – James

Geraci Law Indianapolis Clients

“I feel amazing! Tony was the absolute best and left me with the reassurance that all my assets would be protected. He literally saved my life and I am forever grateful! Go to Geraci and get control of your life again.” – Katrina

“The experience was extremely positive and they worked with me to get me in right direction to financial peace of mind😊” – Brittany

“Chad garrapy and geraci law are the best. I had to retire unexpectedly and didn’t know where to turn. Meeting the attorneys at the Westside office was one of the best decisions I made besides marrying my wife!” – Rick

“My attorney Chad is amazing! I walked in scared and walked out feeling like I would be ok and wouldn’t have to worry anymore. I will be recommending Geraci Law to EVERYONE!” – Nicole


Schaumburg Geraci Law Clients

Good people here. Mark and Daniel are great at what they do and really help you feel a lot better during s very stressful time of life. Great people! Very helpful!

“I have been very happy with the service received from the Geraci firm assisting me through my case. Mark and Robert made sure I understood all the issues and had the time to speak with me whenever I called the office. I recommend this office for the great service they provide and helping me during a tough time.”

Mark and Joseph did a great job. Thorough. Answered all my questions. Made me feel comfortable and aware that I am not alone. Office was nice and quiet and they both listened and offered advice.”

When I came into Geraci Law I wasn’t sure what to expect. I tried to figure things out on my own as best as I can but when everything seemed hopeless I turned to Geraci. Mark Levine was very inviting and absolutely supportive in trying to help me get out of my situation. He reassured me that everything will turn out okay and restored my faith. If it wasn’t for the Geraci team I’m not sure what I would have done. Thank you so much for your help and allowing me to have another opportunity to make things right!

Absolutely GREAT!  Very professional and thorough. Awesome communications tools. Discharge in 60 days, and from there on out, my life will be CASH ONLY! Credit is just a trap. Avoid credit at all cost! Avoid the trap. Avoid Bankruptcy. Delay gratification until you can pay cash. You’ll be MUCH better off in the long run.

We are very satisfied with the help we received from this firm. They were very upfront with us about what to expect and helped us through a difficult time for our family. Thanks to them, we have a fresh start in our lives.

The Schaumburg Geraci Law Office was very conveniently located close to my home.  The Support Staff were extremely professional, friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.  Attorney Mark Levine was a pleasure to work with.  He ensured that I was knowledgeable on my bankruptcy process and was very accessible and happy to answer all of my questions regarding my filing.  The Geraci Law website and their Client Corner portal were also outstanding tools that allowed me to track the progress of my bankruptcy filing throughout the entire process.  I would recommend Geraci Law to anyone intending to file a bankruptcy or in the process of considering a bankruptcy.