5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews


February 17, 2017: “I really appreciated what Geraci Law did for me. They took the time to review the case thoroughly and make sure that I was satisfied. I would highly recommend them.”

February 13, 2017: “Want to give many thanks to Geraci Law, Atty Morgan D*****. This organization was very clear, precise and helpful in walking me thru all legal aspects of bankruptcy process. Morgan D***** helped me to take a breath and remain calm and clear about what the process would involve. Any time I had any questions their online “Client Corner” made it very easy and efficient to obtain a clear response. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking assistance!”

February 12, 2017: “Geraci law made a very scary process very easy and smooth. When I first went it I didn’t know what to expect and after about 5 minutes of starting they had walked me through the process and I was already starting to calm down from the stress of everything. They continued to take care of me the entire time I was going through all of this great at answering my questions and getting me the correct answer every time. All in all a great group of people willing to make sure that you are taken care of.”

February 9, 2017: “The information provided by the attorneys at Geraci was very insightful. They assisted me in understanding my future economic responsibilities. I would recommend them to anyone needing similar assistance.”

Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez Injury and Worker’s Compensation Results

Geraci, Arreola, Hernandez LLC and their co-counsel obtained a $450,000 settlement in an injury case.  Our client, a hard working mason, herniated discs in his back after tripping over debris left over from a cement company.  The cement company did not clean up after working, creating an unsafe work environment and causing our client’s injury.  After settling, the client can expect to receive more than $170,000 from his injury.

gahIn a personal injury claim, Geraci Arreola, Hernandez LLC and their co-counsel obtained a $700,000 settlement in a case involving an accident with an Over the Road Truck Driver.  A semi-truck hit Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez’s client on interstate 55 causing a multi-vehicle pileup.  The accident was so severe; the client suffered a broken neck on her #6 vertebrae, clavicle, and scapula.  The client also broke 4 ribs as a result of the accident.  Our client received more than $440,000 from the case.

Geraci, Arreola, and Hernandez and their co-counsel obtained a $250,000 settlement for client involved in a motor vehicle accident.  The incident seemed simple, a three-car accident resulting from the client stopping at a light.  When insurance companies only offered $500 for our client’s injuries, she decided to hire Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez.  The $500 offer would not cover medical bills for our client’s fractured left wrist in addition to tendons and ligament damage.  After the settlement, our client will recover more than $73,000 due to the accident.

In a Worker’s Compensation case, against one the United States largest retail companies, Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez and their co-counsel helped our client receive a settlement of $550,000.  Our client, who worked retail sales, slipped on a puddle of water at work and tore her meniscus.  The tear was severe enough to require surgery.  After hiring another firm, our client was not satisfied with the work.  She hired Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez who filed the proper paperwork to substitute in the case.  Our client’s case was handled in a quick and efficient manner.  As a result of the good work, completed on this case, our client will receive more than $227,000.

Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez Injury and Worker’s Compensation Results

Geraci Arreola and Hernandez
and their co-counsel obtained a $400,000 settlement for a client after a long battle over injuries received at work in 2008 and 2010. After reimbursement of union medical care the client was able to receive a net of $250,645 for her injuries received in the S. Side Childcare Ctr.

gahIn a workers compensation claim filed with the Illinois industrial commission rising out of injuries received at a popular fast food restaurant chain that was sold for over $1 billion, Geraci Arreola and Hernandez and their co-counsel were able to settle the back injury claim for $63,623.  This young woman was working on a tomato-slicing machine when the machine caught her hand. Her supervisor told her to keep on working because she needed tomatoes! Thankfully the injuries she received when the machine caught her hand was not a slicing injury, but a twisting injury which caused carpal tunnel syndrome, so that she could only work using one hand. The employer and their insurance company not only denied she was injured, but refused to pay medical bills for the carpal tunnel said injury. Another good reason to come to Geraci law for work injuries: Do not count on your employer or their rotten insurance company to take responsibility for an injury at work.
In a medical malpractice claim, filed against a physician, Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez and their co-counsel were able to secure a settlement for $450,000.  After court fees, and expenses the client received more than $270,000 in net proceeds.  The injury stemmed from a knee replacement went wrong.  The doctor removed too much bone during the replacement and has a result the patient’s knee could not be placed back in the socket joint where the femur and the tibia meet.

5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews

5starreviewsFebruary 3, 2017: “This was my and hopefully last time filing bankruptcy. It was a pretty painless process. Everything from the initial meeting for which I had a ton of questions, which were answered with ease, to the submitting of all my financial documents to the trustee meeting, everything was extremely professional and just as I had been told.

I really appreciated being able to make monthly payments to pay off my total costs for the attorney and court fees. I have recommended a couple of people to the law offices of Peter Francis Geraci as a result of my good experience.”

February 1, 2017: “they were so helpful, professional and nice. they were very willing to answer all questions and worked with us for payment. very available when i needed anything. recommend highly!”

February 1, 2017: “Thank you PFG ,for explaining to me how to figure a way out of a very stressful financial situation. I appreciate you..”

January 26, 2017: “Our experience with the Geraci Law Firm was exceptional and extremely professional. We worked with very knowledgeable attorneys who answered any question we had and were very thorough in explaining the steps as we prepared to file our case. On that note, they file your case quickly once you fulfill all the requirements for your type of bankruptcy. We are feeling 100% better knowing our case has been filed and we are on the road to a better and clearer financial future! This firm is awesome and I highly recommend them! By the way they will work with your budget!”

CFPB Sues Debt Relief Attorneys

This week the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sued the multiple law firms, and attorneys, who charged illegal fees to consumers.  The law firms accepted illegal fees as debt relief agencies.  The lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court and alleges that the law firms, Williamson Law Firm, LLC, Howard Law P.C., and Williamson & Howard, LLP exploited consumers.  The CFPB director Richard Cordray said,

The defendants exploited consumers who were already suffering financial difficulties by tricking them into paying steep, illegal fees, we put a stop to this scam once already, and we intend to do it again.”

According to rules, generally, debt relief agencies are not allowed to charge a fee until a debt has actually been settled, reduced or the terms of the debt have charged.

The complaint, filed by the CFPB, indicates the law firm’s debt relief program started in 2007, when Vincent Howard and Lawrence Williamson joined Morgan Drexen, Inc.  Vincent Howard moved “Howard Law” into Morgan Drexen’s office and utilized the Morgan Drexen computer platform to develop intake procedures, contracts, and other documents to manage a debt relief program.  According to the complaint, part of the debt relief program included accepting “advance fees” prior to settlement.  Accepting these fees is a violation of Telemarketing Sales Rule under 16 CFR 310.4(a)(5)(i)(a)-(B).  The debt relief agency grew to 100 attorneys and, according to the complaint, collected millions of dollars in unlawful fees.

The suit, filed by the CFPB, asserts the law firms violated statutes in the Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act, the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Rule, and the Consumer Financial Protection Act.  The CFPB is seeking civil penalties, refunds to consumers, court costs, in addition to stopping the lawyer’s debt relief program.

The complaint can be read: http://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/201701_cfpb_Howard-Williamson-complaint.pdf


5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews

5starreviewsJanuary 31, 2017: “Thank you, PFG! You helped in my most desperate moment. I thought that I had nowhere to turn because of the creditors. Your law firm showed myself a way out of my debt that was easy to understand every part of the way. 3 years later, Chapter 13 complete!!!”

G+ “a week ago”:  “My experience has been nothing but amazing. They are pros at helping you with your student loans. And there help is there long after you’ve filed if you need anything. Ashley is amazing!”

G+ “a week ago”: “Very professional and informative. My attorneys contacted and followed up with all my creditors and most of all show me ways I can manage my finances. I’m pleased with my services with Mr. Geraci office.”

G+ “2 weeks ago”: “I was recommended to the Geraci law office 3 years ago and was very pleased with the initial interview and continued service that I received. All of the lawyers at Peter Francis Geraci understand how nervous clients can be when it comes to facing over whelming financial debt, even when I called in several times about questions that I had forgotten to ask while in the office. I would also like to thank Attorney Ashley N. Chike for her help and assistance in my case.”

G+ “2 weeks ago”: “I have a great experience dealing with the Geraci law firm they have made this very easy to deal with. I was overwhelmed and they were kind, informative and I was well educated on the whole procedure . I recommend using them I am 110 satisfied. Everyone I came across from the geraci law firm were great”

5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Reviews

5starreviewsJanuary 26, 2016:  “My Attorney Joseph D at the 95th office but in Chicago was very helpful in my time of distress I would recommended him to anybody very funny which was a calm down method for me.”

January 26, 2016:  “I couldn’t be any happier. Everything went smoothly, with my case. Anytime I needed something or had a question, they were willing to help. No complaints here.”

January 26, 2016:  “They took the time to explain every detail and answer every question, very professional and helpful firm.” 

January 26, 2016:   It was during the time, experienced my 2nd Heart Attack it relieved a lot of stress off of me.”

January 25, 2016:  “I am glad to say, I feel I have top, professional help using Peter Francis Geraci’s law firm. I would highly recommend this Law Firm to my friends, family and any one else seeking relief from dept.”


January 24, 2016:  “I am making my last payment on a Chapter 13 next month. Geraci Law has been fantastic every step of the way. From our initial meeting 5 yrs ago, to every time I met with or called Andy they were professional and courteous. Have recommended them to others!”