Geraci Law Oak Park Client Reviews!

“There are so many attorneys out there offering bankruptcy services that I thought it would be a nightmare finding the right attorney, and going  through bankruptcy is something nobody wants to go through but at    The Peter Francis Geraci LLC  they make it as quick and painless as possible.
Everyone was very professional and always on top of the situation.  I had privilege to work with Liz and Scott  , both are very knowledgeable and informative and they are compassionate at the same time. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs help with their finances.”

“David Kosk is amazing. I was so happy and relieved to hear that I am able to file chapter 7. Mr. Kosk was very down to earth and explained things in a way I could understand. He answered all the questions I had and did not rush me out. Wonderful services and no shaming! I am very happy with Geraci Law.”

“I like the quick fast and friendly service. In a time of unknown, Rick really helps to make you comfortable. The law form has great communication as every time I needed something anyone I spoke with knew how to get me the answers needed.”

“When I got out of the Marine Corps. life was really hard, finding a job and maintaining my finances was really stressful. So I sought professional help. After the first conversation with Mr.Wylie Mok at the Peter Francis Geraci team all of my worries were put to rest. I know I wasn’t the easiest client to deal with so I would like to thank him specifically. I would advise anyone with financial troubles to contact the Peter Francis Geraci law firm, they helped me tremendously.”

“Geraci Law Firm is the best. I highly recommend them if you are interested in filing Chaper 7 or Chaper 13 bankruptcy. Staff is very friendly and professional and they offer a very warm and welcoming environment.”

“Maria and David were extremely polite and very helpful. They made this process for me stress free and easy to comprehend. They worked with me and made sure I understood everything before moving on to the next. I would recommend this Oak Park office to anyone in need of bankruptcy help. They were great. Thank you all very much for all your help, time, patience, and kindness. ”

“I came into the Geraci office with no idea on what to do or how. I had begun getting my wages garnished by a collector. David Kosk handled my bankruptcy filing with excellent professionalism and treated me with respect. He even stayed late to accommodate my travel from work to assist me. I appreciate the timely fashion also the manner everything was explained to me. He even clarified that I comprehended the explanation. I recommend Geraci for any of your legal affairs. Plus mention I referred you. Trust them, they don’t disappoint!!!!”

What Northside Geraci Law Clients Say…

“Like any customer we all have our doubts and see the commercials of how much people praise about their specialties! As for myself, I can speak for myself I had an excellent experience and recommend the law offices of Peter Francis Geraci one and a million times more to anyone. I had the privilege to work with Nick Tepeli and I felt great with the information he provided me, with the consistency per detail after detail, the what’s to do and not what to do….I love my overall experience and I repeat I recommend them! Having the opportunity with meeting with professionals and and not be pressured for your money is a BIG PLUS to me! Elizabeth (Beth) and Nick have complied with their duties and what matters to me in any organization is that the customers voice is always heard and treated accordingly! Thank you Mister Geraci for having a wonderful staff!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️  What Mr. Geraci expresses in his commercial is no lie it’s all true and if you’re in any scenario that he mentions don’t think about it…get up and GO to the law offices of Peter Francis Geraci and be DEBT FREE like I am now!”

“I came in to this office worried and scared because of the amount of debt I was in and the possibility of law suits consuming my life. When I arrived I was greeted and immediately felt welcomed. I was a bit unprepared and nervous but Liz Villegas made it a simple and smooth process! She was very understanding and did not judge or condemn me for what was going on. She simply offered words of encouragement and explained my options to help! I’m so glad I came!! Thank you for helping me!!!”

“Came into Geraci Law all heartbroken and stressed out. Attorney Wylie Mok helped me out and explained what my options are. Great guy and explained everything in detail. The process is quite painless. Trust me, after you are done talking to them, you’re able to breath more calmly and start being you again. Thanks Wylie!”

“Liz was an incredible help when I felt like I was drowning in a debt I never foreseen myself being in.  She helped me to understand it wasn’t going to be the end of the world and that I would be able to recover.  The whole office was at the ready for any an all questions I had.  I couldn’t have asked for a more painless experience.”

“Liz was an incredible help when I felt like I was drowning in a debt I never foreseen myself being in.  She helped me to understand it wasn’t going to be the end of the world and that I would be able to recover.  The whole office was at the ready for any an all questions I had.  I couldn’t have asked for a more painless experience.”

“First thing I’ll say is wylie stressed 1.2.3 service. In and out. It created a stress free environment off the bat because when I went in as a complete mess and also extremely uncomfortable… I was intimidated by debt counseling.  Who wants to admit they are in over their head. Wylie was there to comfort me by letting me know that it’s an easy dig out. We spent some time tossing jokes but before I knew it I was signing my way out of debt.”

“They were wonderful my lawyer was on the ball they took time to listen and give great advice and make sure that understand every aspect of my bankruptcy case I would tell  anybody ask me to go to Peter Francis Geraci  law firm there a blessing thank God for you amen amen.”

Downers Grove Clients Love Geraci Law!

“This service was fast, everybody was friendly and straight forward. I had never filed for bankruptcy before and they did make me feel like I was not alone. I appreciate them helping me every step of the way and recommend anybody who has been suffering a hard time such as myself at least come in for a consultation”

“Tarek was great to work with! He assisted my wife and I apply for bankruptcy. He was very informative and honest, two things that are needed when filing! I highly recommend PFG for anyone looking to file or just curious about the pros/cons!”

“Outstanding service. Dealt with two very knowledgeable and helpful attorneys Alex and rick. They were very helpful and explained the entire process to me on how to file and what exactly to file. I would highly recommend this law office to anyone. Especially if your unsure about what to do. Awesome job Gus thanks you!!”

“Alex, was wonderful and patient. I had a medical issue that put me in the hospital for a while and they patiently waited and picked me up were I actually left off. I told them what happen and my situation and they were very understanding. Yes, I would recommend them to any they needs there help.”

“Not only were they helpful and thorough in our proceeding, 5 years later when I needed a copy of some paperwork because of a flood, they quickly found it and sent it to me less than an hour later. Pleasant and professional, Elizabeth was prompt and courteous.”

Geraci Law Racine Clients

“My experience was great from start to finish. Walked in a bundle of nerves and Katie quickly put those to rest. Left the office with a feeling of hope and brighter days ahead. Katie made the whole experience easy to understand and deal with. Thanks so much!”

“Joseph Blaha is extremely helpful and caring. He spent almost 2 hours with my answering every question that I had  I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you for your help!”

“Ann Kramer and Joseph Blaha have been wonderful to me. If your hesitant on bankruptcy and not sure what to do, I recommend calling them first. They lay everything out on the table for you and tell you every thing up front. No hidden fees like others to get you into their office. I am very happy to have a fresh start. Thank you Geraci Law Office!”

“What a very pleasant end to a not so pleasant situation. Thank You to Attorney Felicia Petroff for all you help. You were there for me more than once to calm my fears & assure me that everything would be alright. It was a most pleasant experience from start to finish. I got back my dignity & my peace of mind. Thanks to Andrew & Michael too. Now I can breathe again!”

“Was a pleasure meeting with Joe in the Racine, Wisconsin office.  He offered solutions that were good for me and that made sense.  The best choice I made while filing for bankruptcy protection was to contact your firm.  I always feel comfortable contacting Joe if and when I have questions regarding my case.  I have and will continue to recommend you to friends who may be considering filing for bankruptcy protection.  Thank you all so much for giving me a sense of relief during a difficult time.”

“Dear Mr. Geraci,
Wow! My wife and I couldn’t be more please at the professionalism your staff displayed while handling our case. It was very nerve racking for us and Joseph really took care of settling our nerves. In no way did we know what to expect. Fear set in at the thought of being judged by your staff and in fact, wasn’t that way at all. The way that Joseph and Michael handled us as people, human beings, without persecution, was astounding. Hats off to an incredible and very knowledgeable team!!!! BUT…… Most of all, I want to express what a difference your credit class made and how much of a huge impact (for the positive) it made in our lives. I thought I had all the answers and was doing everything right, until I took your credit counseling course. That class is something that will make a difference in this world for those who are experiencing what we had to go through. Our life can once again, begin a new. You and your staff have made it possible to not only educate us for a better future, but to give us hope once again, in a chaotic world. Please let Joseph and Michael know just how much we appreciate their professional, respectful, and ethical behavior practices. Thank You Thank You Thank You”

Gurnee Geraci Law Clients Love PFG!

“Geraci Law has been a major impact in my life. I went from being in Debt to Debt free in matter of months. Marc is a great attorney to work with he’s at ease with his work! Thanks Marc. Geraci Law is the place to be.”

“Marc A. Affolter was awesome with helping me through this process. It was scary and intimidating at first, but he made me feel comfortable. He walked me through and explained everything step by step very thoroughly. I can’t wait to start over again and have another chance at a good credit score. Thanks Mark for the wonderful service. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a second chance at recovering their credit and starting over.”

“The staff has always been extremely helpful and friendly! Scheduling appointments and making payments is easy with the text messaging system and app. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone in need.”

“Marc Affolter is a fabulous lawyer.  He made my case easy and was very comforting throughout this difficult time.  I highly recommend Marc and Geraci Law.”

“Met with Marc and Megan. They made my decision to file so stress free and easy!! No guilt, no blaming. I would highly recommend them to anyone. It’s so nice to be able to sleep at night now knowing I am getting a fresh start!! Thank you !!”

“Last week I decided  I couldn’t take it anymore, living from paycheck to paycheck, to only pay my debtors minimum payments, can’t provide for my kids, restless nights of no sleep, I decided it was time to deal with this head on. Made two appointments, one with  debt stoppers and the other with Peter Francis  Geraci.  Walked into debt stoppers at noon last week Thursday and came out more confused than went i went in, An hour after I walked into  PFG and  was greeted by Marc A Affolter  attorney at law whom from that point  change my life for the better. Marc is a very professional attorney who explained everything clearly so I could understand. He went above and beyond to make sure whatever we choose was the best for my financial beans for years to come. There isn’t one negative thing I can say about Marc Affolter and PFG Law firm. PFG is one of the best and I will recommend any  and everyone that is going  through the same thing  I was going through to seek your Financial help here.  I have seen light after the tunnel now  and my dark nights have turn into a sunshiny days all thanks to PFG..
Thank you so much Marc Affolter and a great team at Peter Francis Geraci..”

Geraci Law Tinley Park Reviews

“Geraci Law services is a very helpful and understanding firm. Cecil Scruggs was very warm and welcoming. He helped me with payment arrangements that fits my budget. He responded right away when I️ had questions. Thank you so much for your help!!!”

“Went to get the process of filing for bankruptcy. And the everything was a smooth and painless process. And really lifted a huge burden off me and my wife. And being able to get a fresh start. With our new baby. It I was and forever will be grateful to our bankruptcy lawyer. Mr Juan M. Villalpando. He was very kind thoughtful and caring.”

“Worked with this office and they were great. Everything was done in a very timely fashion, and I am now on the road to great credit. ALREADY!!!”

“Our attorney Mr. Clasing was so pleasant and patient through out the entire process. They are attentive to our needs and we receive immediate responses to any questions that we may ask via client portal. Thanks for making this difficult process so much easier.”

“Today I was feeling Down because I was making up my mind rather to file Bankruptcy I had an appointment set for 1pm when I arrived I was greeted with most exceptional customer service from the front desk. Once I sat down with the attorney he relieved my anxiety and made me feel at ease about my situation. I happy I made this decision to make a change in my life. The staff and attorneys at Geraci Law are the prime example of remarkable expertise. I would recommend anyone to them.”

What Geraci Law Aurora Clients Say!

“Everyone was very informative. Jason has been communicating with us and has responded promptly to our messages. Scott helped us with filing and was great, very personable and accommodating . I would highly recommend them!”

“Friendly environment, very informative, no hassles about payments, they work at your pace . Once you handle your part they do their part . Definitely was uneasy about filing . But Geraci’s associates were very upfront about everything.”

My husband and I are happy to have chosen this law firm. Ashley and Alex have been very informative and understanding through all this. No one judged us. Thank you to Geraci Law.” 

“Alex is awesome! He’s very detailed in explaining and discussing whatever questions and concerns we have. Responds to emails quickly which is a plus. We feel comfortable and pleased with his expertise knowing how difficult it is to go through this process.”

“Great customer service. Very informative. Walked me through step by step. Answered all questions without judgement. Kind and caring people in difficult times. If ever ran into trouble again would not hesitate to go back. Will definitely let people know of the respect, care, and compassion from this firm.”

“Great people to work with,  Jason Kara of Geraci Law llc has been absolutely amazing. Very friendly, easy going and extremely helpful. Everyone has been very understanding and kind through this difficult time and I certainly would recommend them with confidence.”

“Geraci has been excellent service. I was always able to speak with someone when needed. They detailed the process and emailed and text every step of the way. The online website is great. Client corner is excellent. It allows you as the client to view and upload documents.  Also it allows you to make payments and communicate with your attorney. Overall excellent Service!”

“I was offered great customer service from my initial call to the time I filed. Alex answered all of my questions and made me feel extremely comfortable with my decision to choose Geraci Law during this difficult time. I would recommend to any and everyone who is looking for a fresh start.”