Geraci Law River Oaks/Calumet City

“Please go to this law firm. They have GREAT customer Service. I worked with Attorney Ashley and she was so polite and patient with me. I was able to file my entire case over the phone and uploading my docs on the client corner. Talk about Convenient. I didn’t want to call off of work to go into the office to file, so this was a great option for me. I was actually leery at first, as I was used to doing this face to face, but Ashley was GREAT with me. If you find yourself in a situation like me, you want to go to a attorney that you can Trust! ( I went to other office around town that I saw online but they treated me like I was just a number– no customer service or empathy). Do yourself a favor and go to Peter Francis Geraci, they do very good and honest work.”

From start to the finish the whole process was easy to understand and simple to follow. The lawyer, Johnathan Parker, was personable and friendly who took the time to explain all the steps in detail to provide me all of my options. Would highly recommend their services.”

This agency is the GREATEST!!!! Rodney helped me tremendously understanding everything that I had questions about and helped me to make my best informed decision. I would HIGHLY recommend this agency to anyone who wants a new, fresh start in life!”

Me and my wife were nervous before coming into the office of PFG. After speaking with Cecil, my wife and I were able to breathe a sigh of relief. The process was painless and Cecil answered all of our questions. If you’re unsure of filing for bankruptcy protection, come in and talk to one of the lawyers at Peter Francis Geraci’s office and learn more.”

PFG is great!  They will work with whatever your financial situation is, and offer the best choices to help you.  The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding.  I couldn’t have made a better decision in going with Peter Francis Geraci to help me get back on track!”

Geraci Law Muncie Clients

“Erik was awesome. Very professional, courteous, and made a stressful situation more relaxing. Would definitely recommend to anyone who need his services.”

“Five years ago my husband and I filed Chapter 13 through Geraci Law. It was a frightening experience, but the attorneys were very helpful and led us through the process fairly painlessly. If there was a problem, there was always someone willing to listen to us and help and reassure us. From day 1 until the end, they were always available and helpful. We would gladly recommend Geraci Law to anyone needing bankruptcy advice.

We worked with several attorneys over the past 5 years, most recently with Lacey. We never felt as if we were being judged or looked down upon. Everyone was great the entire time.”

“Been helpful coming to Geraci. Every person I have worked with has been very informative. Your law office has help me live again.”

“They take care of everything. No need to worry about court dates or appointments. They are definitely on top of their game. So glad we didn’t use a cheaper attorney. Paying a little extra was well worth not having to deal with the headaches.”

“Very straight forward and efficient. Erik was very personable and always within reach. We truly were walked hand in hand, all but literally, through the entire process. Excellent service, and exceptional attention to detail. Highly satisfied.”

Geraci Law – Evergreen Park

“Going into PFG, I didn’t know how to feel. Defeated, nervous, shamed, stressed, panicked. I Didn’t wait long (I felt so anxious). Joseph came and introduced himself and we headed to the back. He made me feel at ease as we prepared the documentation to file. He answered all of my questions and went through the paperwork with me. I felt great relief as we got closer to filing. I can honestly say, I expected to feel judged because I couldn’t maintain my debt, BUT after sitting with Joseph, I felt soo much better. I would recommend the Evergreen Office to anyone who plans or is thinking of filing. The entire staff were friendly and the atmosphere never felt as though I was being judged for my mess up.”

“Walked in to the office with out a clue on anything. Everyone i spoke with was friendly and very helpful. If I did not understand something completely they took their time to explain everything in detail. Geraci law took the stress out of bankruptcy for me they give you a piece of mind knowing everything is going to be taken care of. Amazing staff, from the receptionist to the lawyers.”

“Attorney Mario Arreola Great Guy. I Visit Everygreen Park Office with people I gave  a referral too. They we’re very happy. He was very informative.  Thanks Attorney Mario Arreola!”


“Awesome Customer Service Mario Arreola I had plenty of questions & Mario Answered everyone of them.. Mario patience was great! I would recommend his services to anyone who interested in Changing your life for the better Mario is in the Evergreen Park Location to Assist you..”

Steven Camp is hilarious and I loved working with him.  He answered all my questions very accurately.  I also worked with Juan Villalpando.  He was very helpful.  The two are very knowledgeable.”

“I was really nervous about filing bankruptcy but when I came into this office I felt that the staff really cared and showed a concern for every individual that came into this office. I met attorney Khalil and I must say he was very understanding and helped me through every step of the way. I cried and he listened to my problems and helped me understand the pros and cons with filing both chapter 7 & 13. This experience taught me a lot. This is a fresh start to better yourself and with that I would recommend anybody to visit this location I experienced such great service and with that I appreciate it.”

“Mario and Joe were very helpful and informative on helping me with my bankruptcy case. The process was very smooth and easy. Would definitely recommend them to anyone needing to file a bankruptcy! 5 STARS for awesome service and customer care!”

Geraci Law Tinley Park Office

“Tarek Khalil our attorney has been extremely helpful and compassionate for our case. Him and his team at Geraci law are very knowledgeable about the legalities of filing bankruptcy and keeping their clients at ease about every step involved in the process. Overall, it’s been a smooth and stress free experience.”

“From the moment I placed the phone call for an appointment down to signing my paperwork… the team was very friendly and professional. When I was there for my initial appointment, there was a client with her small children.. Tina was absolutely awesome and patient with the children. Tina, Juan and Tarek were great.”

“They are such a huge help. Very kind. Willing to work with you in whatever the case is. Highly recommended. Polite. Patient. Thankful for a chance to start all over again with their help and guidance.”

“Went to get the process of filing for bankruptcy. And the everything was a smooth and painless process. And really lifted a huge burden off me and my wife. And being able to get a fresh start. With our new baby. It I was and forever will be grateful to our bankruptcy lawyer. Mr Juan M. Villalpando. He was very kind thoughtful and caring.”

“Geraci law firm has made my life 100% worry free. The attention & respect that I received was one in a million. Now I know that I can sleep 💤 with both eyes 👀 closed with a sound mind.”

“The location was easy to find and the staff was wonderful. My first visit there was a long wait but well worth it after talking to Juan. He made me realize that I wasn’t a bad person for doing this and I had no option due to my employment circumstances. The process was fairly simple and they were with me the whole way. Always available to answer questions and very helpful. My meeting at the court house was a very long waited but that was not due to my lawyer. He explained exactly what I was to do and how the meeting would go. I am Very pleased with PFG andcwoukd recommend them to anyone who needs the same help. As a matter of fact, I have already recommended them to 3 of my coworkers. THANK YOU PFG for all your help & support through a scary process.”

West Dundee/Elgin Geraci Law Clients

“I’ll be honest. I haven’t even officially filed yet, but I know because of Joe I’m doing the right thing. I never in a million years thought I’d be in this position but something happened making this my only option. I started crying during my consultation and Joe was amazing and reassuring and really made me realize my stress level is going to drop considerably and it helped. He is wonderful! Choosing this law firm is the best decision I could have made. They have a secure email center where u can literally email them any questions you have after you’ve decided to go through and file. Ive used it about 6 times in the last two days and within an hour I get a response. They are compassionate, friendly, personable and they DON’T make you feel like a bad person for this decision. Hopefully this helps make your decision in choosing them easier. Even if you’re not 100% sure filing is the right thing to do, call them. They will steer you in the right direction.”

I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to the Geraci Law Staff!!! You all made the Bankruptcy process very easy & now I can breathe & get a fresh start. I went in there very confused & somewhat afraid, but the attorneys made me feel at ease & definitely guided me through the whole process. I can’t thank them enough for everything you all did!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Before I wasn’t to sure which way I was going to go with paying my bills. it seemed like I was in debt forever and ever. I was robbing peter to pay paul. Then I saw the Geraci commercial and figured I should go for it. I gave them my information. Filing relieved me of mental stress, now I have money to pay the bills I need to,. Like rent, car, life insurance, and food. I am very grateful and happy. I am beyond words. Thank you Geraci law, I appreciate you very much. I recommend Geraci law to others

“Worked with Jason Kara in the West Dundee office, had a very good experience and very quick filing. He was very pleasant and helpful and I would highly recommend Geraci Law Firm.”

“Recently, my life situation made a weird turn left me with no choice, but to file a bankruptcy. I am very happy that my search brought me to Peter Francis Geraci Law firm. I called and spoke to one of their legal assistant. We found the office very close to my house. That is how I met Jason A Kara. He is the one of the lawyers.  He took my case very seriously, answered all my questions and he was very, very helpful. After my first appointment, I knew what do I have to do and what documents to submit. My meeting with trustee went smooth and now I m pretty much free of my debts and can start all over again. Thank you to Jason and the rest of Geraci firm”

Geraci law was efficient and polite wouldn’t of ask for a better law firm to deal with my debt on top of everything from day one👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Mark and the team at geraci was fantastic from the consultation forward. They took the time to lay out my options step by step without making me feel Bad about my situation. They worked within my schedule and communication was clear. The app makes the whole process that much easier to be able to talk with your attorney and upload the proper documents. I highly recommend mark and team for your bankruptcy needs. A+++

Geraci Law Rockford Clients

“PFG in Rockford have been both polite and very professional in their handling of my financial woes.  Jason K. Nielson has been extremely helpful.  Working with Jason and PFG Law was instrumental in putting all my fears at ease and in guiding me through this entire process.   I went to PFG on the recommendation of a long term friend and would highly recommend them to any one I know.   Dont delay … take the big step today and contact them for your bankruptcy needs.  I am grateful I did and you will be as well.”

“It was good learning experience in how to get out of debt. They offer lots of tools and knowledge to help you going on the right track to live debt free. I recommend to everyone who having trouble with their finances.”

“Fantastic group I’d highly recommend this firm, no I’m not paid to say this just from personal experience they really care about you and your business it shows in how they treat you from day 1 and they make themselves accessible at anytime to answer any question silly or not everyone that I’ve come into contact with has truly been a professional from top to bottom.”

“Geraci law is a great company. Every person I have spoken to thru the company was great and very polite…helped me out with any questions I had..I suggest everyone to go to Geraci for help.”

“Our attorney made us feel confident and relaxed from our first meeting. At least as relaxed as we could feel while taking steps toward bankruptcy. We had to change our payment amount after 1 month and they facilitated this change quickly and correctly as soon as we asked.  Jason our attorney is a definite credit to the company.”

“Geraci Law LLC is a trusted name.  Jason K Nielson, my attorney, made feel relaxed and reassured that everything would work out for the best, and it did. I am now debt free and rebuilding my credit.  I was able to start over with a clean slate, and the courses I took have me on the road to better money management and financial security.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is in need of a fresh start.  ”

“If you are looking for very educated people to represent you with your legal issues (bankruptcy), these guys are the way to go. They have none the less did everything they said they would do. They are very good at answering all of your questions and getting back to you in a timely manner. Honestly I was impressed with their service. Don’t waste your money on other companies these guys are ranked high for a reason.”

Geraci Law Turns Frowns Upside Down!

“Wylie Mok has been such a great guy and has helped me through the biggest struggles in my life… My debt… Hes made me feel so comfortable and he is a great guy to just converse with. The service is so easy to follow and very affordable and was so helpful to me. I recommend him to anyone that is struggling financially. He will bring your frown upside down within a matter of seconds.”

“We would definitely recommend Geraci Law to all of our family and friends. We met with Attorney Liz and she was great. We are very happy and satisfied with their services. Liz explained everything in great detail and made us feel comfortable about the entire process. Than you for everything!”

“I would like to thank Geraci Law and Liz for all of their help. This was my second time doing this and wish I would have come to them first. Liz is very knowledgeable and understanding. I had a great experience and would happily recommend them to anyone that needs to file bankruptcy. They also helped me with my workers comp case. They are the best!”

“I came in to this office worried and scared because of the amount of debt I was in and the possibility of law suits consuming my life. When I arrived I was greeted and immediately felt welcomed. I was a bit unprepared and nervous but Liz Villegas made it a simple and smooth process! She was very understanding and did not judge or condemn me for what was going on. She simply offered words of encouragement and explained my options to help! I’m so glad I came!! Thank you for helping me!!!”

“Wylie has been working on our case and hoping to obtain a positive result, he has a way to calm you and let you know all work out, he’s been very understanding and has worked with us very patiently. Absolutely Recommended. He’s been amazing and a great talker, explains things in detail, knows how to work, a people person, P.F.GERACI Lawyers like Wylie make a difference.”

“Wylie was one of the best attorney I have talked to. He answered all my question and made Me fill better about my situation witch had me really stress out now I feel alot better thanks to this guy Wylie thumbs up for this guy.”

“Came into Geraci Law all heartbroken and stressed out. Attorney Wylie Mok helped me out and explained what my options are. Great guy and explained everything in detail. The process is quite painless. Trust me, after you are done talking to them, you’re able to breath more calmly and start being you again. Thanks Wylie!”

“Extremely helpful and a wonderful place for service. Was extremely nervous to file but with the help from Liz I got a better understanding with the details and feeling much better with the choice with Geraci.”