Geraci Law Joliet Clients

“After my wife and I had gotten behind, we looked at many options, even reaching out to creditors and making deals with them. Once the deals were not good enough the harassment started, it was then we decided to call Geraci Law, Joliet. From the beginning our experience has been absolutely effortless, with the exception of gathering basic information such as pay stubs, taxes, a class, etc. It was definitely worth it. They’ve been extremely helpful, accommodating, informative, and kind. Answering our every question, concern, and though, even the silly myths. Also extremely thorough as to turn every stone. Thank you for all of your help the keys to the door of our new start. Thank you Mrs. Schindler for starting and Mr. Clansing for the excellent closing.” – Eric

They are a blessing, the Joliet office had my back, their word was as good as Gold. Their promise and commitment is Superior, like me if your in need than know Geraci Law is their for you.👍😎🇺🇸💗.” – Robert

Nicole was wonderful. She was the first person I met when I visited PFG and walked me through the entire process and made everything go smoothly. Her professionalism and personality made me feel at ease during this difficult time. She is the best!!” – Eric

Geraci Law has been very helpful! I worked with Kristin Schindler and David who explained everything I needed to know and everything went smoothly. I am grateful for the help. Thank you Geraci Law! – Tracy 

I love the service that  I receive there. The attorney  Adam Suchy was so Awesome help an friendly. He as very understanding and helpful. I made the right choice  by going to them. He we a big blessing to me and my kids…thanks Adam…May God bless you and your family.” – Sharron

Geraci Law adds New Monument Sign in Evergreen Park, Illinois

The newest Geraci Law office in Evergreen Park, Illinois, has a big addition.  The twenty-foot tall sign-post carries an eight-foot by eight-foot monument sign with an LED display.  The new LED display is two-feet by eight-feet and can display both video and images.  The new sign will make it easier for Geraci Law clients to find the new office location since Geraci Law recently moved.

180911 SOU Sign



The new Geraci Law Office Location in Evergreen Park IL replaces the old Geraci Law office at 3640 West 95th Street to a larger office at 3560 West 95th Street approximately a month ago.  The new Geraci law office has 3 attorney offices and a large waiting room and reception area.  The office has a larger (fenced in) parking lot with.  You can access the parking lot by driving around to the back of the building.  The office is located west of Kedzie on 95th street and across the street from pearl vision.

“THE BEST!” – Geraci Law Downers Grove

“Adam and Alex were very helpful and empathetic to me and how I got into my current situation.  Not condescending at all, unlike the other lawyers I spoke to. I left the office confident and relieved.  I highly recommend this office. I have quite a few friends who have used PFG in past years and were very satisfied as well.  Thank you for helping me start over.” – Rita

“I worked with Adam Suchy and he was very knowledgeable and patient. he took the time to explain all the options and didn’t focus on the bottom line for the firm. Hes passionate about his clients and concerned for their continued success. I greatly appreciate him. best attorney ever!” – Chandra

“This service was fast, everybody was friendly and straight forward. I had never filed for bankruptcy before and they did make me feel like I was not alone. I appreciate them helping me every step of the way and recommend anybody who has been suffering a hard time such as myself at least come in for a consultation.” – Darius 

I must say my experience with Geraci Law has been excellent. My attorney Adam Suchy has been a tremendous help with the whole process of filing for bankruptcy. He has been a great help in getting me a fresh start. The weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can’t thank Adam enough for what he and his staff have done for me. Thank you Adam and thank you Geraci Law.” – Michael

I fell into some financial problems due to a job loss and 1 to many Financial mistakes. Alex saved my house, saved my cars, and even saved my motorcycle. Everything that my wife and I worked so hard for. Finance and budgeting definitely are not one of my strong points but they have helped me every step of the way from getting me a payment that I can afford (chapter 13) to explaining everything I didn’t understand and he never treated me like an idiot. That meant a lot to me . For everyone who is staying up late in bed worrying about how your going to pay your bills and if your going to loose everything. Please call Alex or another member of his team !

Geraci Law Schaumburg Clients

“Very friendly and experienced Jason and Joseph. Very helpful I would recommend them ANYTIME!!! Keep doing awesome work guys. 20 stars if I could.” – Sergio

“Upon scheduling an appointment, I was very pleased to find out it was a simple procedure. Arriving at the office was easy and I was immediately helped. After completing the necessary paperwork, I was brought into the office and was thoroughly explained all the procedures and instructions that were going to take place. Every question that came up was answered beyond efficiently and I left without any confusion or discomfort of my experience.” – Cody

“Mark Levine and Joseph o’donofrio were absolutely wonderful. They helped me through the whole process, made it simple and easy. The law offices were also very understanding to payment agreements since i had a major surgery and was off for 5 weeks unpaid. I appreciate the work you have done for me. Thank you!!!” – Kim

“Joseph was very helpful, he made my case very simple and easy. He explained how the whole case will go including time frames. By far the best office I have been to. Their hours make them easy to get ahold of as well.” – Phillip

“My experience with the law group was excellent. They made me feel very comfortable and walked me through the process. Very quick and efficient and affordable! I recommend them for your bankruptcy needs. You’ll be in great hands! Thank you so much! You all are awesome!!!!!” – Meisha

Geraci law took great care of us. Joseph  and Marc  explained  everything  and hammered out  the paperwork.  THANKS  Geraci I would recommend  you guys to my family and friends.” – Terry

The staff at the Schaumburg office are outstanding.  Attorney Mark L. and Jason K. are knowledgeable and helpful.  Your stress level meter will drop from 100 to zero in minutes.  Fair price with excellent service.  5 stars!” – Lynn

Amazingly great service they make you feel at ease.  I worked  with mark affolter a very knowledgeable and sincere person. Im not afraid of bankruptcy it saved me! Go to pfg thy will take great care of you put your thoughts in a good place and be ready to start a new and better future. Thanks all of you” – Kristen

“Great standup guys at the Schaumburg office they explained everything in detail very thorough. They made a nervous experience a pleasant one walked out feeling positive! I would strongly recommend this office for help ,a big thank you to Joe D’Onofrio and Marc C.Affolter!” – Jesse

Geraci Law North Side Chicago Clients

“Lizette Villegas was very helpful and answer every question we had. She was great. We recommend this office. They are very understanding and explain everything. You have any issue they do a great job answering you questions. I would highly recommend this office.” – Stephen

“Amazing customer service! Felt like I was working with a friend, never felt the burden of bankruptcy. Definitely recommend working with Wylie Mok. Made sure everything was taken care of. Overall very spectacular service!” – Brianna

“I worked with Wylie Mok on a case in which I found him extremely responsive to all my questions and he provided great legal advice and representation. In my history working with lawyers, I believe, Wylie was among, if not the best. I highly recommend him.”  – Cory

“I am very happy and satisfied with Geraci Law, especially with my attorney Liz. She was extremely patient with me and explained everything step by step. I no longer feel confused about the process. I will finally get my license back! Thank you for everything!” – Karen

“Wylie was absolutely AMAZING and helpful! He explained everything in great detail and made me feel very comfortable! I would 100% recommend him to anyone and everyone!!!!” – Michelle

“I felt very comfortable with Geraci Law. My attorney, Liz explained everything to me. I was able to trust her and she walked me through the entire process. Liz was very patient and helpful. I finally feel at ease and very relieved.” – Cynthia

Geraci Law Tinley Park

“The team here at the Tinley Park office are very upfront and helpful when explaining the process and how it should actually go. Having had a horrible experience with another bankruptcy group, the differences are truly like night and day. They answered all my questions and made sure I understood the options available to me so that I could make the best decision for my needs.” – Dinise

“Very helpful, informative. I had so many questions and concerns about filing bankruptcy but they answered all of them and made me more educated and comfortable about it. I will be recommending them to friends and family.” – Ashley

“Kristin was amazing! I felt so relieved like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I met with her. She took care of my case and answered all of my questions. I am so glad I decided to choose geraci law for my bankruptcy case, I know I’m in good hands and will be taken care of ! I recommend them to anyone that is going through financial hardship you won’t be disappointed !” – Cynthia

“Tinley Park Lawyers helped me dramatically…. They were inventive, professional and knowledgeable…. Definitely THE PLACE TO GO IF U NEED HELP🙂” – Lisa

“They are such a huge help. Very kind. Willing to work with you in whatever the case is. Highly recommended. Polite. Patient. Thankful for a chance to start all over again with their help and guidance.” – Gloria

“This is Annie J Wesson. I love that you guys welcome me with open arms. I was so lost in debt that I didn’t know what to do. But you all took the time helped me step by step and got my chapter 7 file. Thanks again and I would recommend any and everyone to you guys.” – Annie

Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane is up to a Category 4 storm. Hawaii residents are stocking up on water and toiletries in preparation for strong winds and heavy rain. Geraci Law hopes all in Hawaii stay safe during Hurricane Lane.

Property damages can cost thousands. The cost of repair can force people in to massive debt. If you do not have savings to help with the expense, you may depend on credit. Job loss? Divorce? Bad luck? If you can’t make the credit card payments, you are in a financial storm.

No one understands debt like Geraci Law. Bankruptcy with Geraci Law can help you weather the storm.  Our experts help determine if bankruptcy is an option for you. It’s absolutely free to call @ 800.401.4010.

You can speak with our own Lane Smith (now known as Hurricane Lane). He’s a senior consultant with Geraci Law and ready to help you with your financial stress.