Nice People Doing Nice Things for Nice People

One of the common sayings at Geraci Law is “nice people doing nice things for nice people.” Geraci Law staff takes this very seriously. No one wants to file for bankruptcy but sometimes life circumstance causes more debt and an inability to pay.

One of the common sayings at Geraci Law is “nice people doing nice things for nice people.” Geraci Law staff takes this very seriously. No one wants to file for bankruptcy but sometimes life circumstance causes more debt and an inability to pay. See what Geraci Law clients say.

I worked with attorney Ricardo Gomez on my case. I never felt so heard, understood, and reassured before in regards to getting my financial life back on track. I was drowning in calls from debt collectors and constantly being pressured by them. When I first spoke with Rick, he took enough time to listen to my situation, let me know exactly what it is I should expect, and what I needed to do on my end to make sure things ran smoothly when filing. I am so grateful for his mother for raising an amazing son who goes above and beyond for his career. He is very down to earth and provided his own personal experiences to relate to me. Thank you Rick for helping me breathe again & see a light at the end of the tunnel! Keep up the fantastic work!

Geraci Law Chicago Client for Attorney Ricardo Gomez

I was shame and embarrassed to even call and start this process over again, I have worked with this office before but it’s been a while since I’ve been here, so I didn’t know what to expect when I called or who I would be working with as my lawyer. Well let just say that this young man was the most amazing individual that I have had the pleasure of working with in a long time. He made the experience of me coming back to this office such a pleasure, he is very very knowledgeable and very great at would he do he also shared with me a lot of history on bankruptcy so I would like to thank Mr Geraci himself for working with Joseph and showing him the true meaning of not only bankruptcy but also compassion for others and working to help people like myself have so type of relief and less stress. Covid hit my home hard I missed a lot of work and was pushed into a corner. When I left there today the only thing I was saying was thank god for these people and Joseph. I will get a good nights sleep! Thank you Joseph and god bless

Geraci Law Racine, Wisconsin client for Attorney Joseph Blaha

So when I finally decided to stop hiding behind my credit. I decided to do something about it .. I searched the Internet for a bankruptcy lawyer .. I made a few calls to the firms around the area.. but luck .. so I seen your website and decided to make the call and I’m so happy that I did .. you all have made it very easy and painless .. I now have a step in the right direction and I’m feeling good about it .. so thank you, you all for the hard work .. it’s much appreciated.. thank you

Geraci Law Schaumburg, Illinois client for Attorney Mark Levine

I have had a few issues along the way but Bridgett was always there and was willing to help me work through them and she worked with me she never judged me

I always felt like she actually cared my bankruptcy is ending as I’ve made the last payment and she’s been there to help me through all of that because that was the issue itself with wrong information as to how much I actually old but that’s all been straightened out the right people I got a hold of them it’s all taken care of and my bankruptcy is finish it which is great she does she’s very professional I would work with her anytime I recommend her to anyone she’s great she knows what she’s doing is she she answers you and she takes care of your problems so she will get a solution to it one way or the other she is a great asset to dresses thank you so much

Geraci Law Indianapolis, Indiana client for Attorney Bridget Spears

I HIGHLY recommend this firm. My case was not clear cut and had aspects that confused me. Right from the beginning Joseph explained everything to me and took a great deal of time to answer and explain any of my concerns with understandable options, kindness and caring. I felt I could definitely trust this firm to advise me on whether or not to pursue bankruptcy vs other options. I NEVER felt they were out for my money (fees). Abraham took over and made sure I TOTALLY understood every step I needed to take including how to prepare for the court date and encouraged me to MAKE SURE I did the needed creditor courses in time. He also explained ALL my options—bankruptcy or NOT—and what the potential pitfalls/ benefits were for each option.

WOW…I never felt rushed. I always felt I was the most important person and felt safe with their knowledge and dedication to making sure I understood everything. They did not rush me to hire them. They allowed me to ask questions and to think before hiring them.
After I hired them the firm’s staff helped me with any concerns and updates. Lisa was an amazing comfort whenever I needed help with something that confused me. The staff always responds very quickly. Once this firm was hired I felt they were attentive and totally on top of everything.

My case was resolved quickly with a positive outcome. I am so grateful for their help and send thanks to them all. This was a difficult decision to make but their expertise and care made this feel like a team effort. Thank you Abe, Joe, Lisa and Geraci Law staff!

Geraci Law Milwaukee, Wisconsin client for Geraci Law Wisconsin Staff

Author: Elizabeth Doren Paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C.

I am a paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C. (the greatest consumer bankruptcy law firm that ever was or will be!) I talk to thousands of people who are struggling financially.

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