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Geraci Law clients are extremely grateful for the help. See what Geraci Law clients say about their experience!

“On November 30, 2011, Attorney Peter F. Geraci accepted me as a client and handled my Chapter 13 bankruptcy case for me. Throughout the process the entire staff was courteous, professional, very helpful and answered all of my questions. I would recommend Attorney Geraci to anyone who’s experiencing financial difficulties. The law office understands and meets the need. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you very much!!”

-Karen, Wisconsin

“After many missed appointments, I finally mustered up the courage to come in and speak to an attorney. The fear of having someone judge me went away quickly. I am on the path to cleaning up my credit, and  the worry and fear of creditors are behind me. The attorneys made me feel comfortable and really listened and explained the process of bankruptcy to the fullest extent. I would recommend that if anyone is going through financial difficulties, go to Peter Francis Geraci & they’ll help you!!! Thanks Chris and Abraham!!!”

-Kenya, Milwaukee

“Was very pleased with the help I received for filing chapter13. Abe,and Lisa,we’re most helpful walking me thru this. Highly recommended law firm.”

-Karen, Greenfield

Reviews – 7/21

Stressed out by debt? So were these satisfied Geraci Law clients. Read their stories below.

“I was really going through a hard time and losing sleep and just at my wits end. The commercial came on and that was my deciding factor along with my daughter’s push. The firm has been around for many many years and I thought this place has got to be awesome with their long history. The lawyers who assisted me in person and through telephone contact were very patient and knowledgeable. I was very appreciative for all their help. I would highly recommend the Geraci Law Firm to anyone who needs debt relief. Thank for your services.”

“I have nothing but great things to say about Mr. Hernandez. My family is extremely grateful to have come across him for our lawyer. He was our main attorney throughout our case. Our case was a very complicated one and coming in I knew we would be faced with many difficulties. Mr. Hernandez’s breath of knowledge and determination made it possible to get past each one of the hurdles we came across. He put in a lot of time and effort in our case and always found a solution to the obstacles we encountered. It was a very stressful time for us, but with the help of Mr. Hernandez we were able to get through it successfully.”

-Maria, Chicago

“Jonathan and Elizabeth in the Downtown office in Chicago was absolutely OUTSTANDING,WONDERFUL and AMAZING. They made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and more importantly I felt like the stress from this was released. Please recognize them for me. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!”

Daniele, Chicago

Happy Geraci Law Clients

Read some of the great things Geraci Law attorneys do for their clients below:

Milwaukee Geraci Law Attorney Felicia Petroff says, “Our clients were confused about when their vehicle lease ended and found themselves suddenly needing a replacement vehicle. Mr. is working and receiving treatment for service related PTSD out of state, so without a second car, Mrs. and their child would be without any transportation. Filed an emergency motion to get a car purchase approved, shortening the notice time so we could get approval as soon as possible so Mrs. and child will have transportation and Mr. won’t have to add to his stress worrying about his family in another state.”

Oak Park Geraci Law Attorney Andrew Nelson says, “Single mom came in stressed out because her employer keeps cutting her hours and she can’t afford to support her kids and pay her debt any longer. We discussed how we could help her with her situation to get debt free and worked out a good plan for her on the fees. She came back with her documents and funds and we filed her case and she said she felt much better and could now breathe a sigh of relief because she can feed her kids instead of struggling to pay her debt.”

Indianapolis Geraci Law Attorney Jennifer Asbury says, “Twenty three year old son lives with client. He went to school, but college closed after he attended, and his degree is practically worthless. Took out student loans to pay for school, and can’t afford to pay them now. Printed off paperwork for them to look into having the loans forgiven due to the school being closed. Extremely grateful, because looking forward to him being out of the house and being able to afford things on his own.”

Geraci Law: Helping you move forward

When you hire an attorney for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are hiring someone to represent you for the next 3-5 years. See what some Geraci Law clients say about their Chapter 13 experience with Geraci Law.

“I am at the tail end of my Chapter 13. For the last 4 1/2 years the Geraci firm and the lawyers I have dealt with (initially Wiley Mok and recently Ashley Chike) I feel have done an outstanding job representing me and making this as painless as possible. They were both professional and compassionate as to what I was going thru.  Questions were answered in detail and I was always made to feel at ease when done. I would highly recommend this firm and especially the two above mentioned lawyers when looking for representation. I am glad I did !”

Don, Chicago

“I came to this firm for help and Megan Hayes was there to make everything stress-free for me.  She knew what she was doing and assisted me all the way.  It’s been 3 years but she never creased to keep in touch and always answered every time I had a question and assisted every time I needed assistance. She makes things easy and worry-free for me. She is excellent and highly recommended!”

-James, Round Lake Beach

“In October of 2011 I did something I never dreamed I would do – – Filed for Bankruptcy! Certainly not part of the future that I dreamed for myself, I was extremely stressed out and ashamed.  I always associated the name “Geraci” with Bankruptcy Law, and didn’t hesitate to contact them to represent me. How I thank God that I did!!  Immediately I felt comforted, protected. The Geraci Lawyers and Paralegals were so very respectful towards me that I started respecting myself again! They were a wealth of knowledge and my fear slipped away.  In January of 2012 my Bankruptcy was discharged, and I have worked hard to re-build my credit. I hope to soon become a Homeowner again!  Thank you, Geraci Law L.LC. for giving me the opportunity to have a 2nd chance!!”

Maria, Tinley Park

Experience the feeling of debt relief!

Many people are nervous before coming to Geraci Law. It’s like some of the PFG commercials say, it’s like going to the dentist. You don’t want to go but you feel so much better after you leave. See what some Geraci Law clients say about the experience…

“Being 21,this was a very nervous experience. I had got myself beyond my head in debt due to credit cards. With the help of my father and the Geraci Law firm they helped me through the entire process helping me understand chapter 7 and the process of filling. The amount and payments that I would have to make. As well as the discharge and recovery period. In addition the credit counseling helped me know and understand budgeting and needs and wants. I will now rebuild my credit to help improve my future. Because of Geraci Law firm I feel like a giant relief has been removed from my life and I have a fresh start. I highly recommend this firm for any bankruptcy that your looking to file. They are SUPERIOR LAW FIRM THAT DESERVES 10 STARS!!”

-Renee, Chicago

“After struggling for months to make ends meet after moving across the country to take a new job, I made the difficult decision to file ch 13 bankruptcy. After seeing tons of commercials for PFG, I chose to use them to represent me. I am so glad I did!!! Biting the bullet and going down the bankruptcy path saved me from worse credit problems in the long run.   My attorney Lacey, and everyone else that I ever came in contact with during the past 5 years were so friendly, professional and helpful. It’s not an easy decision to declare bankruptcy, but everyone at PFG made the process as painless as possible. They’re always available for questions, help with problems, whatever you may need. I can’t recommend them enough! They truly are life savers.”

-Katie, Indianapolis

Marc Affolter is wonderful I was SO stressed and nervous and he made me feel at ease and has continued to guide me through the bankruptcy process. He actually cared about me as a person and he listened and helped me get through this tough time. I am extremely satisfied with his professionalism kindness and everything the geraci law firm has done for me. I WILL definitely recommend anyone in debt to this firm and to ask for Marc. I feel so much BETTER and its because of you all. Thank you Marc you are truly a blessing!”

Michael, McHenry

Amazing work done by the Geraci Law Team!

Geraci Law attorneys do amazing work for their clients every single day. Below are just a few examples of the good things done for Geraci clients.

Chicago Geraci Law Attorney Ryan Fojo says, “The Trustee filed a motion to dismiss our client’s bankruptcy for term of plan because the second mortgage company from a surrendered property filed a proof of claim for over $80k! The proof of claim failed to attach the judgment or necessary documents. I filed an objection to the claim, sent out on proper notice. There was no response to the objection and the judge sustained my objection. Plan will now complete on time and the second mortgage will receive nothing.”

Addison Geraci Law Attorney Lizette Villegas says, “Spanish speaking client came in without an appointment to finalize his Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He had all of the required documents except for his credit counseling course. The course is offered in English, unless there is a Spanish translator available. To prevent any waiting time, I contacted Hananwill (the company that offers the course) and set up an appointment for 30 minutes later. As a Spanish speaking attorney, I translated the course for him over the phone. He completed it, signed off on his bankruptcy petition, and I filed the case on the spot!”

Milwaukee Geraci Law Attorney Lisa Ellmaurer says, “Client is not familiar with the downtown area and was very concerned about locating her car that she had parked prior to her mandatory court date. She what street corner she had parked it on, but had no idea how to get to that location from the courthouse. After her hearing, I walked her out of the courthouse (which can be a confusing building to get out of), and walked her to her car that was several blocks away.”

Geraci Law clients and referrals

Did you know that many Geraci Law clients are referred by friends and family? We love all our clients and referrals. See what some of our referrals say about their experience.

“I highly recommend PFG Law- the entire staff is very professional and prompt when addressing questions/concerns over the phone and email. Most recently Attorney Andrew M. Golanowski worked diligently to resolve a dilemma I encountered and I highly recommend PFG Law- the entire staff is very professional and prompt when addressing questions/concerns over the phone and email. Most recently Attorney Andrew M. Golanowski worked diligently to resolve a dilemma I encountered and greatly exceeded my expectations in doing so. Kudos to Atty. Golanowski and his team for demonstrating such exemplary customer service! I am very grateful for Atty. Golanowski’s efforts and consider myself fortunate to have been referred to PFG Law for assistance!”

Nicole, Kenosha

“I was referred here by my sister my first visit was amazing I met with David kosk and he explain everything to me and was very helpful. I would recommend geraci to anyone they are very helpful, and make the process very  smooth.”

Jessica, Chicago

“Geraci Law offices has been awesome! I originally met with Abe and Rob represented at my hearing – everyone has been really kind. I have already referred a friend to come to Geraci to help with her problems, and in the future will refer anyone who needs help dealing with their debt.”

Amazed clients of Geraci Law

Geraci Law clients use the word amazing often when describing the bankruptcy process. See what Geraci Law clients say about our amazing services.

“After many months of sleepless nights and worrying about my debt, I saw a commercial for Geraci Law on the television and gave them a call. It was the best decision…after a quick consultation they put my mind at ease and after hiring them the collection calls stopped and the stress level was reduced…Geraci Law has been amazing thru the whole process!!”

Michael, Wisconsin

“Was a terrible time in my life. Rodney and Lavita in the Merriville were absolutely amazing!!!! I had a lot of issues and they resolved them all. Could not have hoped for better representation. They gave personal attention and were very caring of my situation. I would not recommend going anywhere else but with these two. Absolutely amazing thank you so much.”

-Patrick, Merrillville

“Unbelievable! I was so worried about the whole process however, I had nothing at all to worry about. The team that helped me was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. All my questions, fears, and worries were put instantly at ease. Chad and Bridget were so professional yet so down to earth and real with me. Never did either one of them ignore a question or concern I had, when it was time to go to court – they were right there beside me. Not once did I feel like I was walking alone during my entire experience. I would highly recommend the services, knowledge and sincerity they have to offer. Thank you for making a hard time not so hard.”

-Stacy, Indianapolis