Geraci Law with the assist!

Indianapolis Geraci Law Attorney Anthony Shull says, “A client was having problems filing her taxes online. I took the time to help her log in and walked through the process with her. She ended up owing a little bit of tax debt, but didn’t have the money to pay it. She is filing a Chapter 13, so I added the tax debt to her bankruptcy, and made sure the Chapter 13 payment would cover the debt. After she e-filed her taxes in the office, I filed her case.”

Chicago Geraci Law Attorney Ashley Chike says, “The client fell behind on her mortgage due to an unanticipated expense. She was unable to cure the entire default but wanted to keep her home under bankruptcy protection. I worked out an agreement with her mortgage company to pay a very small amount each month in addition to her regular mortgage payment. This allowed the client to keep her home under bankruptcy protection and prevent foreclosure even though she fell behind after her case was filed.”

Gurnee Geraci Law Attorney Marc Affolter says, “Client went to go see other attorneys before she came to see me but didn’t like any of them because their attitudes were just awful, and they were not very flexible working with her. While we were finalizing her paper work her little son was running around the office causing all kinds of mischief, and we were both working as a team to keep him occupied so that we could focus on getting her case filed. She said, “If you don’t have kids yet I hope you know that you are going to be an amazing father, your patience with both me and my son has been incredible.” She said she is going to tell all of her friends that if they need help with their debt, there is only ONE place to go, and that is to see Marc Affolter at Geraci Law!”


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