Happy Geraci Law Clients

Read some of the great things Geraci Law attorneys do for their clients below:

Milwaukee Geraci Law Attorney Felicia Petroff says, “Our clients were confused about when their vehicle lease ended and found themselves suddenly needing a replacement vehicle. Mr. is working and receiving treatment for service related PTSD out of state, so without a second car, Mrs. and their child would be without any transportation. Filed an emergency motion to get a car purchase approved, shortening the notice time so we could get approval as soon as possible so Mrs. and child will have transportation and Mr. won’t have to add to his stress worrying about his family in another state.”

Oak Park Geraci Law Attorney Andrew Nelson says, “Single mom came in stressed out because her employer keeps cutting her hours and she can’t afford to support her kids and pay her debt any longer. We discussed how we could help her with her situation to get debt free and worked out a good plan for her on the fees. She came back with her documents and funds and we filed her case and she said she felt much better and could now breathe a sigh of relief because she can feed her kids instead of struggling to pay her debt.”

Indianapolis Geraci Law Attorney Jennifer Asbury says, “Twenty three year old son lives with client. He went to school, but college closed after he attended, and his degree is practically worthless. Took out student loans to pay for school, and can’t afford to pay them now. Printed off paperwork for them to look into having the loans forgiven due to the school being closed. Extremely grateful, because looking forward to him being out of the house and being able to afford things on his own.”

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