Amazing work done by the Geraci Law Team!

Geraci Law attorneys do amazing work for their clients every single day. Below are just a few examples of the good things done for Geraci clients.

Chicago Geraci Law Attorney Ryan Fojo says, “The Trustee filed a motion to dismiss our client’s bankruptcy for term of plan because the second mortgage company from a surrendered property filed a proof of claim for over $80k! The proof of claim failed to attach the judgment or necessary documents. I filed an objection to the claim, sent out on proper notice. There was no response to the objection and the judge sustained my objection. Plan will now complete on time and the second mortgage will receive nothing.”

Addison Geraci Law Attorney Lizette Villegas says, “Spanish speaking client came in without an appointment to finalize his Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He had all of the required documents except for his credit counseling course. The course is offered in English, unless there is a Spanish translator available. To prevent any waiting time, I contacted Hananwill (the company that offers the course) and set up an appointment for 30 minutes later. As a Spanish speaking attorney, I translated the course for him over the phone. He completed it, signed off on his bankruptcy petition, and I filed the case on the spot!”

Milwaukee Geraci Law Attorney Lisa Ellmaurer says, “Client is not familiar with the downtown area and was very concerned about locating her car that she had parked prior to her mandatory court date. She what street corner she had parked it on, but had no idea how to get to that location from the courthouse. After her hearing, I walked her out of the courthouse (which can be a confusing building to get out of), and walked her to her car that was several blocks away.”

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