Do You Live in a Bankruptcy Assistance Desert?

Below is an article written by Attorney Peter Francis Geraci titled, “Do you live in a Bankruptcy Assistance Desert?” You can read more articles by Attorney Geraci at

Below is an article written by Attorney Peter Francis Geraci titled, “Do you live in a Bankruptcy Assistance Desert?” You can read more articles by Attorney Geraci at

Do you live in a “Bankruptcy Legal Desert”? According to the American Bar Association’s 2020 Profile of the Legal Profession, you may. 40% of America’s counties have less than 1 lawyer per 1000 residents, and some have way less.

And it gets worse depending on what you need a lawyer for. An article in the Indiana Lawyer journal says “simply having lawyers in a county doesn’t guarantee they are available to the public”, because many work for governments or corporations.

Depending on what you need an attorney for, it may be a real problem. You may have to drive for an hour, or even longer, to the location of an attorney that is able to represent you in a specific matter.

Take bankruptcy, for instance. Outside of major cities, there are usually only 1 or 2 lawyers who practice consumer bankruptcy law. And often, they don’t do much of it, only a case here and there, and may do only Chapter 7 cases, not Chapter 13 repayment plans which are at least 1/3 of bankruptcy filings nationwide.

One reason is, once you get away from the “big city”, there aren’t a large number of bankruptcies, because the population is thinner. In sparsely populated areas, there may not be any lawyers for any particular kind of matter. The lawyers in those counties, therefore, don’t get the experience of an attorney who practices exclusively in bankruptcy court.

They may be excellent lawyers, but your options are very limited, both by the lack of lawyers, and the lack of lawyers who actually practice bankruptcy law. It used to be even worse for bankruptcy, because the bankruptcy courts are Federal courts, and usually only located in downtown office buildings in the largest cities, such as Orlando, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

Chapter 13 trustees for an entire region of millions of people may be 2 hours away from those living outside the downtown areas. Lawyers, as well as clients, had to waste an entire day traveling to court, standing around waiting for a hearing, and getting back to the office or home. But not any more!

What happened? COVID! Lawyers and courts discovered Zoom, and learned how to keep the courts running remotely, or “virtually”. Geraci Law was providing remote, or “virtual” bankruptcy services to its clients for years. Geraci Law bankruptcy clients enjoy the Geraci Law “Client Corner” client portal, and can set virtual or office appointments, message their attorney, sign and upload documents, and even attend bankruptcy hearings, remotely, on their cell phones!

This means that if you live in a rural area, or even in a big city, you don’t have to battle rush hour, find a sitter, take a day off work, or drive an hour to find a bankruptcy lawyer.

All you need is your cell phone or computer. Geraci Law is available to help you virtually! Use the Geraci Law Office Locator at to find a virtual or physical Geraci Law office near you. Get your basic information by going to and using the Search tool. You’ll find the answers to the most often-asked bankruptcy questions, before you call to become a Geraci Law client, and get debt-free!

Dial 1-800-CALL-PFG for a free phone mini-consultation, or make an appointment online 24/7 at  Bankruptcy laws are in place to help you.  Who knows bankruptcy like Geraci Law?  Geraci Law has 30,000 5-star reviews 5starsince November 2016!


5 Chapter 7 Common Questions

5 Chapter 7 Common Questions

Geraci Law wants to be a resource to you during these uncertain times. Here are answers to five common questions about filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read previous posts about unanswered questions about Chapter 13 bankruptcies (5 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Myths, What Can a Chapter 13 Do for Me?).

Will I lose my house or my car?

It’s important to meet with an attorney. Geraci Law does not want you to “lose” anything you do not want to lose. There are several factors in determining if you KEEP your house and car:

  • How much equity is in the house?
  • How many people are on title to the house?
  • Are you current with your payments?

These are some of the questions you will review with your attorney. The reason you hire an EXPERIENCED law firm like Geraci Law is to make sure you can keep what you want to keep. If your house is at risk, we’ll talk about alternative options like a Chapter 13. Geraci Law will provide your options to protect what you worked for.

Can I buy a house or car after filing a Chapter 7?

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not determine your financial future. Instead, it eliminates your CURRENT debt. Geraci Law clients have gone on to purchase homes, cars, boats, etc. The FIRST step before buying a house, car or any other asset, is to deal with your PRESENT debt. Solve that problem first and then save money for a down payment. Geraci Law will do anything we can to help you get on track to achieve your financial goals.

How much does bankruptcy cost?

The short answer is it’s a LOT LESS than your current debt most times. Geraci Law can file cases for no money down. We will work with you on payment plans that fit your budget. We will work with you to figure out a plan to get you out of debt. For fee quotes, call us. Let’s talk to figure out a plan.

Can I file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if I am working?

YES! Many Chapter 7 filers are employed. Geraci Law can help you if you are working full-time, part-time, unemployed, disabled or retired.  Talking with an experienced Geraci Law attorney can help determine your Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 options based on your income, expenses a debt.

I filed before – how long do I have to wait before I can file another Chapter 7?

It is an eight year wait from the date you filed your previous Chapter 7. You eligibility is determined by the date when your Chapter 7 was FILED not discharged. If it has NOT been eight years, you can review your options for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Dial 1-800-CALL-PFG for a free phone mini-consultation, or make an appointment online 24/7 at  Bankruptcy laws are in place to help you.  Who knows bankruptcy like Geraci Law?  Geraci Law has 25,000 5-star reviews 5starsince November 2016!


Great Geraci Law Reviews!

Great Geraci Law Reviews!

From Geraci Law, Evergreen Park Location (South Side Chicago)  “The atmosphere is calming, DeJeana and Isaac at front desk very pleasant and knowledgeable. Mr. Mario has a very pleasant nature and smile very reassuring. Also Mr. Khalil always remembered by name, assured me things were going to be ok, always walked me to front door and wanted me not to worry but have a wonderful Christmas. And the chocolate cookies are the bomb! ”

From Geraci Law, Rockford Location “I came in after receiving a lawsuit and frozen accounts, attorney Jason worked hard and fast to help me correct this awful mistake and to help me plan for a better financial 2020. Life happens, please go and get the help you need, before it snowballs and becomes a bigger issue like I did. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my failing business and then when I was diagnosed with my illness I was crushed under my financial obligations and medical bills. Geraci law is quick and efficient and helped me with ease through this difficult time. 10/10 would recommend to anyone going through a rough patch like I was.”

From Geraci Law, Chicago Location “I have filed bankruptcy before with DebtStoppers and they made things kind of complicated for me. I had to file a chapter 13 because of parking tickets, I felt like the world was caving on me until I came to PFG associates. They made the entire process really easy and even when I fell behind a little bit they worked with me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to come out of the hole. Thanks guys I appreciate it.”

From Geraci Law Racine, Wisconsin Location “ I had an awesome experience with Geraci Law in Racine. They were very patient with me and my crazy schedule. I met with Joe and Felicia and they were both very helpful and answered all my questions. I was referred to them by a friend, and I would definitely refer others to them as well!”

How to get a car you can afford after bankruptcy

If you have a vehicle payment that is too high, it may be that you “rolled over” the balance on a vehicle you traded in, paying that off with part of the new loan. That means you are “upside down” and owe more than the vehicle is worth. That means your payment may be more than you can afford. Geraci Law helps our clients by developing relationships with honest car dealers who can sell you a vehicle you can afford at a payment you can afford. Here is what Gino Amoroso of Motor World in Glen Ellyn, Illinois has to say about working with Geraci Law clients:

Hello Scott,  Just want to say thank you & keep you informed on how things are going. Currently this month we have sold eight customers referred by Geraci Law Firm: all were completely satisfied. The buying experience here at Motor World is the fast approval process and polite professional sales reps that create the ultimate buying experience. As an example today we did a complete brake job (pads & rotors) on a car we sold two months ago that was never promised to the customer: its the extra mile we go to keep our customers happy. As a result of our work ethics we are on target to hit a hundred sales this month, We enjoy a great working relationship with you and your organization Scott! That’s it.
Gino Amoroso 

Good things Geraci Law attorneys do for our clients

At Geraci Law, at the end of every month each one of our 80 or so attorneys reports on something exceptional they did for a client. This helps to reinforce part of our Peter Francis Geraci mission statement: “We are here to help others”. We post these on our website, every month so that potential clients can be assured they are receiving the highest level of professional services from each and every Geraci Law attorney.
One of our lawyer was reluctant to contribute; she said “I do good things for our clients every day, it’s nothing special”. I said, “then just give me the MOST special good thing you did in a month.” So now she is our top contributor!

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