5 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Myths

Geraci Law debunks 5 Chapter 13 bankruptcy myths.

5 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Myths

  • MYTH I will never be able to buy a house.
  • FACT  For an FHA loan, you can purchase a home WHILE in a Chapter 13 as long as you made payments on time for 1 year and the loan is approved by the bankruptcy court. For a conventional loan generally it’s 2 years after Chapter 13 discharge.


  • MYTH I can’t buy a car while I’m in a Chapter 13.
  • FACT Not true. You can finance a car WHILE in a Chapter 13 with court approval. But you are better off going on Craig’s List and finding a cheap car and having no car payment.  Geraci Law works with our clients to figure out the best option to fit their budget. Sometimes it’s better to buy a car for cash, sometimes it’s better to lease – it depends on an individual situation. That is why Geraci Law should be the firm you file with.


  • MYTH A Chapter 7 is better – why would I pay my debt?
  • FACT It depends on your situation. You can still ELIMINATE debt with a Chapter 13. If you are paying less than 100% of what you owe, a bankruptcy discharge will eliminate what is NOT paid. If the court approves you to pay back 10% of your unsecured debt (credit cards and medical for example), once the case is discharged you will eliminate the other 90%! It gets better. A Chapter 13 can eliminate some debts that a Chapter 7 cannot. EVEN without paying it in full.


  • MYTH I will lose my tax refund.
  • FACT It depends on your situation. Are you over withholding? Are your refunds mostly credits? Geraci Law works to find a solution to your problem. Our team of attorneys review your taxes and work to PROTECT what you need.


  • MYTH What happens if I lose my job? Am I just out the money I paid in the bankruptcy?
  • FACT This is why you hire Geraci Law. If you lose your job, you call Geraci Law and we’ll figure out a better solution. Maybe converting to a Chapter 7 is a better option. Maybe modifying your payment plan with your new income and expenses is another option. Geraci Law’s team of attorneys is here to represent YOU.


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Author: Elizabeth Doren Paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C.

I am a paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C. (the greatest consumer bankruptcy law firm that ever was or will be!) I talk to thousands of people who are struggling financially.

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