5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews


February 17, 2017: “I really appreciated what Geraci Law did for me. They took the time to review the case thoroughly and make sure that I was satisfied. I would highly recommend them.”

February 13, 2017: “Want to give many thanks to Geraci Law, Atty Morgan D*****. This organization was very clear, precise and helpful in walking me thru all legal aspects of bankruptcy process. Morgan D***** helped me to take a breath and remain calm and clear about what the process would involve. Any time I had any questions their online “Client Corner” made it very easy and efficient to obtain a clear response. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking assistance!”

February 12, 2017: “Geraci law made a very scary process very easy and smooth. When I first went it I didn’t know what to expect and after about 5 minutes of starting they had walked me through the process and I was already starting to calm down from the stress of everything. They continued to take care of me the entire time I was going through all of this great at answering my questions and getting me the correct answer every time. All in all a great group of people willing to make sure that you are taken care of.”

February 9, 2017: “The information provided by the attorneys at Geraci was very insightful. They assisted me in understanding my future economic responsibilities. I would recommend them to anyone needing similar assistance.”

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