Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law File Pro Bono Case

tep-with-clientA former paralegal who has legal experience and knew where to go when she had a legal matter, came to Geraci Law for help.  Geraci Law represents more paralegals and legal secretaries than most firms.  Large law firms know where to refer their workers with legal problems that corporate firms do not handle.
Ms. Stovall came into img_0539the Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney office in downtown Chicago, IL.  Attorney Tepeli greeted Ms. Stovall with a smile.  She signed her bankruptcy petition, with an Attorney Fee disclosure of, “$0.00.” While Attorney Tepeli filed the case, Peter Francis Geraci met with Ms. Stovall, pictured on the left, and discussed various aspects of her case.

This case was another success at the Peter Francis Geraci Law bankruptcy and injury firm.

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