Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez Injury and Worker’s Compensation Results

Geraci, Arreola, Hernandez LLC and their co-counsel obtained a $450,000 settlement in an injury case.  Our client, a hard working mason, herniated discs in his back after tripping over debris left over from a cement company.  The cement company did not clean up after working, creating an unsafe work environment and causing our client’s injury.  After settling, the client can expect to receive more than $170,000 from his injury.

gahIn a personal injury claim, Geraci Arreola, Hernandez LLC and their co-counsel obtained a $700,000 settlement in a case involving an accident with an Over the Road Truck Driver.  A semi-truck hit Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez’s client on Interstate 55 causing a multi-vehicle pileup.  The accident was so severe; the client suffered a broken neck on her #6 vertebrae, clavicle, and scapula.  The client also broke 4 ribs as a result of the accident.  Our client received more than $440,000 from the case.

Geraci, Arreola, and Hernandez and their co-counsel obtained a $250,000 settlement for a client involved in a motor vehicle accident.  The incident seemed simple, a three-car accident resulting from the client stopping at a light.  When insurance companies only offered $500 for our client’s injuries, she decided to hire Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez.  The $500 offer would not cover medical bills for our client’s fractured left wrist in addition to tendons and ligament damage.  After the settlement, our client will recover more than $73,000 due to the accident.

In a Worker’s Compensation case, against one the United States largest retail companies, Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez and their co-counsel helped our client receive a settlement of $550,000.  Our client, who worked retail sales, slipped on a puddle of water at work and tore her meniscus.  The tear was severe enough to require surgery.  After hiring another firm, our client was not satisfied with the work.  She hired Geraci, Arreola and Hernandez who filed the proper paperwork to substitute in the case.  Our client’s case was handled in a quick and efficient manner.  As a result of the good work, completed on this case, our client will receive more than $227,000.

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