Peter Francis Geraci Attends Winnebago County Bar Association and Federal Bar Association Join Continuing Legal Education Program

Winnebago Count Bar and Federal Bar Joint CLE Program

Jonathan Parker and Peter Francis Geraci were scheduled to attend the Winnebago County Bar Association and Federal Bar Association joint continuing legal education program on practice before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The Hon. Diane P Wood, chief judge US Circuit Court of Appeals the Seventh Circuit as well as Donald J Wall counsel to the circuit executive, and James J Grogan deputy administrator and Chief Counsel of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois spoke, ending with a session on role 33 mediation conferences; led by Seventh

Bar Association Program

Circuit mediator Rocco Spagna, and the Hon. Ian Johnston, US magistrate Judge, with Stephen Balogh of Williams and McCarthy.


There was an oversupply of doughnuts, however. Repeated pleas to use the doughnuts were wasted upon this diet conscious crowd. There were about three dozen donuts purchased and only eight or 10 eaten.

Peter and Jonathan were tempted to grab them and take them back to the hungry crew at Geraci law, but did not know if that would be a federal offense or not. Not to mention the strict scrutiny that Holly Geraci subjects Peter to on a constant basis. She does not want him to gain weight and slow down. A good donut has been known to have that effect on him.

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