The End of The Peter Francis Geraci & Jonathan Parker North West Illinois Adventure

161005-photo1Peter had an appointment at the Rockford rescue mission. Peter Francis Geraci and his wife Holly B Geraci raise money for various charities per providing matching funds at Here is Rus Howard of the rescue mission before channel 23 cameras, explaining the kickoff of the help Holly help $10,000 matching grant challenge for Rockford rescue mission.

Russ explained that challenge grants are a wonderful idea, because instead of just giving money, it encourages members of the community to be aware of the need of others in the community.  In addition, challenge grants encourage others to contribute, and that has a beneficial effect on society as a whole. The history of Rockford rescue mission can be seen on their website, through the link at

161005 Photo2.pngMost of the donations, Russ said, that come into the Rockford rescue mission are very small $5, 10 or $20 dollars. The interview with Peter Francis Geraci and Rus Howard can be seen at the channel 23 website or at If 400 people give $20 each, and that is not too much in the city, like Rockford, with 150,000 residents; that will mean that Rockford residents have matched $10,000, and Peter and Holly will match that 10,000, giving Rockford Rescue Mission a $20,000 boost.

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