Attorney Peter Francis Geraci Accepts Pro Bono Appointment in Moline, IL Continued..

Attorney Jonathan Parker

After their interview with their new client, Peter and Jonathan headed north on the great River Road, heading towards their next destination. Here’s a picture of Jonathan, at the Port Byron Locks.  Port Byron is a small town just north of East Moline.




Man on the Bicycle

Who knows why the giant statue of a man, in a full-sized bicycle, is there-but it is. Some things they just is.


161003 Photo3.png
Tugfest, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Port Byron is also the home of “tug-fest”. “Tug-fest” is an annual contest where a rope is stretched across the Mississippi with a town in Illinois competing against a town in Iowa; and you know what happens?  The townsfolk try to pull each other into the old Main River.


The Vulture

You know what this is. It’s roadkill!  If you look close, you can see the vulture help to keep Port Byron roads pristine.  The Mississippi River flyway is a wonderful place to observe nature and there are a lot of lookouts where you can see bald eagles and Golden Eagles on the river. Of course this vulture prefers to get its meet already cooked.


Cooling Towers

Here’s a picture of the cooling towers of the Port Byron nuclear plant which is nowhere near Port Byron, but evidently Byron is a name that somebody in this part of Illinois likes a lot. As our intrepid barristers parameter relayed northward out of Port Byron they came across the Administrative Federal Penitentiary at Thomson Illinois; that is the prison with no prisoners.   Peter Geraci told Judge Castillo that he had no idea why anyone would build a federal prison in a town such as Thompson, between the great River Road in the swamps, and judge Castillo said that he didn’t know either. Anyway the prison is vacant, brand-new but vacant. It just seems like a strange place to build a prison-far from anywhere, but I suppose if anyone was able to get out of it, they would be easy to spot.  Since there is nothing much in any direction except corn…. And vultures.




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