What Geraci Law Does for Clients

What clients say about us:

I would like to say. You have been one of the nicest, most upstanding person I have ever met when people are down and at their lowest you sure do understand what it means to be there. I want to thank you for everything you and your office has done for me. You all have made a very hard time in my life easier. I have spoken highly of you to many people and given out your business cards. I will definitely do the things that you have asked me to do. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.  Lisa -Portgage, IN

I’m a low income single mother of four children. I messed up my credit not knowing the importance of it. I inquired Peter Francis because of the constant advertising of the firm. Lawyer Jason Shimotake was very pleasant and let me make a very affordable down payment…trust me when I say these guys are great. If you can’t make your payment this firm will happily work with you. Talk about professionalism? I mean I felt like I already paid in full because I was treated as such. Starlette – Chicago, IL

Nice Things Geraci Law Staff does:

Geraci Law attorney Mario Arreola reports: A client signed up to file a Chapter 13 to prevent the City of Chicago from suspending her license for parking tickets. She had planned on going to one of our main competitors, but former co-workers from USPS told her no – go to Geraci Law instead! I also showed her a typical Chapter 13 plan from this other firm. This firm has a reputation for filing Chapter 13 plans with a low initial payment, then increasing the payment after filing because the plan is underfunded. I told her to let me know who the co-workers are and will give her credit for a discount.

She said, “Praise the Lord for PFG and her friends who referred her.” Little by little, the tide is turning against sub-par bankruptcy firms; their reputation will suffer as more people find out about their shabby work and misleading sales tactics. We file Chapter 13 plans that are designed to succeed, instead of plans that are doomed to fail.

Geraci Law paralegal Haddassah Mendoza reports: I helped a Spanish speaking client to his 341 Meeting of Creditors.  He’s a bipolar Spanish speaking client. I’ve spoken to him many times and he’s had good days and bad days. I was concerned he would be nervous and scared. Those normal fears could be exacerbated by his condition and not understanding the language without someone to translate.  I know the court has an official translator at the 341, but our clients have questions from the moment they get off the elevator. Waiting can be very difficult and lonely.  They don’t know what to expect, they especially worry about feeling shamed about filing.   I also knew he didn’t have anyone going with him.  It felt great to be there for him; ease his fears, talk him through what was going on.

Geraci Law supports Bowen High School College-Bound Seniors

Bowen High School has over 50 seniors off to college in a few months who can use your help. Go to http://www.gofundme.com/858jkg to contribute! Even $20 helps. Geraci Law contributed $2000 to the Bowen High School Senior fund set up by former Asst. Principal Nia Abdullah. And thanks to the Chicago Sun Times’ reporter Sue Ontiveros for the publicity!

How to get a car you can afford after bankruptcy

If you have a vehicle payment that is too high, it may be that you “rolled over” the balance on a vehicle you traded in, paying that off with part of the new loan. That means you are “upside down” and owe more than the vehicle is worth. That means your payment may be more than you can afford. Geraci Law helps our clients by developing relationships with honest car dealers who can sell you a vehicle you can afford at a payment you can afford. Here is what Gino Amoroso of Motor World in Glen Ellyn, Illinois has to say about working with Geraci Law clients:

Hello Scott,  Just want to say thank you & keep you informed on how things are going. Currently this month we have sold eight customers referred by Geraci Law Firm: all were completely satisfied. The buying experience here at Motor World is the fast approval process and polite professional sales reps that create the ultimate buying experience. As an example today we did a complete brake job (pads & rotors) on a car we sold two months ago that was never promised to the customer: its the extra mile we go to keep our customers happy. As a result of our work ethics we are on target to hit a hundred sales this month, We enjoy a great working relationship with you and your organization Scott! That’s it.
Gino Amoroso http://www.mwcars.com 

Good things Geraci Law attorneys do for our clients

At Geraci Law, at the end of every month each one of our 80 or so attorneys reports on something exceptional they did for a client. This helps to reinforce part of our Peter Francis Geraci mission statement: “We are here to help others”. We post these on our website, http://www.infotapes.com every month so that potential clients can be assured they are receiving the highest level of professional services from each and every Geraci Law attorney.
One of our lawyer was reluctant to contribute; she said “I do good things for our clients every day, it’s nothing special”. I said, “then just give me the MOST special good thing you did in a month.” So now she is our top contributor!

Peter Francis Geraci attends Dave Ramsey Bankruptcy Leadership Summit in Nashville

I went down to Nashville recently for an intensive course in effective leadership using Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership principles. Dave Ramsey has devoted his career to Debtor Education the way I have to practicing bankruptcy law. Dave has quite a company, and his methods of operation are almost identical to Geraci Law. In fact, except for the obvious Christian background of Dave’s company, the guiding principles of Geraci Law are almost identical to Dave’s: honesty, integrity, and helping others come first. We even like the same Bible passages! And remember, Bankruptcy is a biblical law, Old Testament: Deutoronomy 15: 15 “At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts. 2 And this is the form of the release: Every creditor who has lent anything to his neighbor shall release it; he shall not require it of his neighbor or his brother, because it is called the Lord’s release”.
Dave believes, as do I, that everything else follows if you do the right thing and help others. Dave Ramsey has a large meeting room where his 400 or so employees gather each week to share reports on the business operations.  Geraci Law only has about 130 staff, but the Geraci Law teams also meet weekly, in person or electronically, and each team leader shares their reports.  In that way, the organization is able to communicate and improve service to their clients.  It was quite a thrill to meet Dave Ramsey in person, and we had a great time and learned a lot, although I think my Debtor Education Course at http://www.pfged.com is better than Dave’s!!

(his is pretty good, though, and his new book is great!)  140522 Dave Ramsey Bankruptcy Leadership Summit photo

Happy Bankruptcy Clients

We at Geraci Law strive to have “happy clients”. Why? Our clients are almost always under stress, and our mission is to take as much of that away for them as possible. Here is what one recent client took the time to say in a thank you card to me:
“I want to extend a warm thank you to you and all the lawyers at your firm. You have a wonderful group of lawyers and you have helped me get out of debt and start my life once again. I especially want to thank your lawyer at your Berwyn office because they personally helped with my case. I want to thank Frank Hernandez. He helped me understand the whole case, and always answered by questions. He is so generous he even shared his dinner with me once. I had never tried Italian Beef before then. I also want to thank Belfor. He always greeted me and welcomed me into the office. I have recommended your office to my friends, who also need help with their bills. Thank you Mr. Geraci for everything your firm has helped me with. The little things you do mean so very much. Thank you.

Peter Francis Geraci explains Bankruptcy Discharge for Deceased Debtor

Many of our clients are elderly, and we file their Chapter 13s to protect their paid off home and repay creditors with lower interest and no late payments.  Occasionally, a husband or wife will pass away during the case.  In this case, the wife passed at the end of the case, after they completed the payments, but before completing the requirement of certifying that she had no outstanding Domestic Support Obligations.  You would think that it would “go without saying” that a 78 year old grandmother was not under any court order to pay support, but that is the law.  Since the wife was deceased, Geraci Law attorney Megan Hayes obtained an affidavit from the surviving spouse, and when the Clerk marked it a “non-conforming document”, the kindly bankruptcy judge issued an order on the Clerk to make it conform, and both the surviving spouse and the deceased debtor received their discharge.  I am very proud of all the 76+ Geraci Law attorneys, not to mention our fine paralegals, for this kind of service to our clients.  As Shakespeare put over 400 years ago in in Measure for Measure, which was all about lawyers, “Good counselors lack no clients”!