Back to School Week

Back to School tips and photos from Geraci Law attorneys and staff!

We all know it is not the back to school we thought it would be, but it’s back to school time nonetheless! Here is some advice from Geraci Law staff. We hope everyone had a GREAT first week (or multiple weeks if you’ve been back for a while) and a Happy 3 Day Weekend!

Attorney Felicia Petroff Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a throwback school photo!

Attorney David Lugardo, Berwyn Illinois son on his first day of school!

Allyson Patterson, Indianapolis Indiana says, “August 23rd will be the first day of my last year of law school. I am looking forward to the school year and hope it goes by smoothly for me and for all the students!

Lane Smith, Chicago Illinois with a throwback school picture!

Attorney Rodney Geer, Merrillville/South Bend Indiana children on the traditional front porch picture!

Salvador Polanco, Westchester Illinois says, “The advice I wish I had taken when I was young and in school….talk to the quiet/loner kids. They’re usually the coolest.”

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