Geraci Law Reverses Sheriff Sale

When you’re unable to make your payments on a house, a mortgage company may get a judgment of foreclosure. Then they pay the County Sheriff, or an appointed officer, to sell it at an auction. If you failed to stop a foreclosure suit, interfacing Sheriff Sale, read this.

When you’re unable to make your payments on a house, a mortgage company may get a judgment of foreclosure.  Then they pay the County Sheriff, or an appointed officer, to sell it at an auction.  If you failed to stop a foreclosure suit, interfacing Sheriff Sale, read this.

Here are some rules about stopping foreclosure:  File chapter 13 House2

  1. Before your mortgage company files a foreclosure suit
  2. Before a foreclosure suit goes to judgment
  3. Before a judgment proceeds to a Sheriff sale

In other words call Geraci law soon as you get behind, because the longer you wait, the more the mortgage company will cost you, and the harder it is. What if your house is actually been sold at a Sheriff sale?

Before coming to Geraci Law, a single mom filed a Chapter 13 with another law firm.  That case was dismissed, and that other so-called law firm told her there was nothing she could do. She was devastated, but her aunt told her to call Geraci Law. She inherited the house from her mother with her aunt on title.

Geraci Law filed a counter attack in the State Chancery Court. Before the sheriff sale, there are several court appearances and notices that must be “serviced.” She never lived at the residence that the mortgage company claimed to have served her at.

friends huggingGeraci Law was able to prove the client was not property served with the foreclosure notice. The judge sided with Geraci Law and the sheriff sale was REVERSED. The woman called for a group hug in the court room ecstatic by the work of Geraci Law. Then, Geraci Law filed a 2nd Chapter 13 to repay the past due mortgage and force them to take her future payments.

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5 Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Reviews

5starreviews“I was very pleased with how efficient Joe and everyone has been with answering my questions and getting it all down on paper. They didn’t make me feel like I was doing something wrong, and I walked out of here upbeat. Very pleasant approach used.”

“The service here is wonderful. I went to the office in Oak Park and everyone is very nice and helpful. I would recommend Geraci to anyone who needs help.”

“I’m very happy. Wylie has been great in taking care of my case. So have your staff. I heard about you on TV but also I talked to some friends that has filed with your office and they are very happy because they don’t have the stress. I will recommend people as I go along.”

“We came back to Geraci Law because we had a good experience the last time around. Attorney Dale was the one I talked to most. He was very professional and he worked with me on my payments so that I could stay in the case.”

“My experience with Geraci Law has been very easy, fast, and pleasant. Attorney Jason Kara was extremely helpful and upfront about everything. This was very reassuring for me because I was at a point in my life where the financial burden was beginning to be to much to handle and very overwhelming. Thanks to Jason Kara and Geraci Law I was able to breath again. Thank you.”

Peter Francis Geraci Law 5 Star Reviews

5starreviewsDecember 16, 2016: “I would like to first say that calling Geraci Law was one of the hardest decision I ever had to make. I was able to keep a float but knew my ship was sinking fast. I meet with Rodney at the Merrillville office and right from the beginning he made me feel comfortable. He helped me weight out my options with no pressure. Went over everything that I needed to know. I also had the priviledge of meeting Livita who will be with me when I go to court. She also made me feel very comfortable and answered some questions i had also. I still feel very nervous about this, however i know they will be by my side all the way. This is nothing that I am proud of, however it is something I had to do for some time of peace of mind.”

December 15, 2016:  “Very satisfied with the way the staff treated me and the professionalism they show. I would recommend anyone who needs help with bankruptcy to contact the Crystal Lake IL office.”

December 3, 2016: “Big thank you to everyone at Geraci Law, Maria, Liz, David. I would recommend Geraci to my friends and family!!”

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Good things Geraci Law attorneys do for our clients

At Geraci Law, at the end of every month each one of our 80 or so attorneys reports on something exceptional they did for a client. This helps to reinforce part of our Peter Francis Geraci mission statement: “We are here to help others”. We post these on our website, every month so that potential clients can be assured they are receiving the highest level of professional services from each and every Geraci Law attorney.
One of our lawyer was reluctant to contribute; she said “I do good things for our clients every day, it’s nothing special”. I said, “then just give me the MOST special good thing you did in a month.” So now she is our top contributor!

Happy Bankruptcy Clients

We at Geraci Law strive to have “happy clients”. Why? Our clients are almost always under stress, and our mission is to take as much of that away for them as possible. Here is what one recent client took the time to say in a thank you card to me:
“I want to extend a warm thank you to you and all the lawyers at your firm. You have a wonderful group of lawyers and you have helped me get out of debt and start my life once again. I especially want to thank your lawyer at your Berwyn office because they personally helped with my case. I want to thank Frank Hernandez. He helped me understand the whole case, and always answered by questions. He is so generous he even shared his dinner with me once. I had never tried Italian Beef before then. I also want to thank Belfor. He always greeted me and welcomed me into the office. I have recommended your office to my friends, who also need help with their bills. Thank you Mr. Geraci for everything your firm has helped me with. The little things you do mean so very much. Thank you.

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