Geraci Lawyers continue to impact clients on a court holiday!!!!

“They were incredibly helpful, clear, and very affordable. They made me totally understand what was going on and if I didn’t understand they explained everything until I did!!! They have been absolutely wonderful, and I recommend them to anyone needing bankruptcy help or lawyers!!!”      ~Jennifer- Geraci Client

 “This is the best Law Firm ever. I’ve been to others, and was very disappointed. PFG helped me along my journey. Also, they stay connected with their clients. Amazing firm. You get 10 stars in my book.”   ~Sherice- Geraci Client

 “I have been very pleased with the professionalism I have been receiving at both the Cicero office and over the phone through the very helpful consultants. Financial issues are stressful enough! Once I started working with Peter Francis Geraci, I felt so much pressure being lifted off my shoulders. Their help is definitely not a means to escape from your money problems, but they certainly do help in controlling the situation and in educating you to be much more responsible with finances in the future.”     ~Robert- Geraci Client

No tricks for Halloween at Geraci Law. Only Treats!

“I was go grateful for a peace of mind. This company was so polite when you have concerns and questions. They deal with cases and keep you updated on your case every step of the way. This is what we people need someone that you can trust and feel comfortable with….Keep up the great work!”                          ~Elaine- Geraci Law Client

“I was treated with the utmost respect inside the Fond du lac office from day one. The receptionist was very pleasant and courtesy towards me and very helpful! I felt a warm spirit from then on! Joe was very  sensitive toward my concerns the very first apt. and i am very glad, then my second apt. was with Robert and he made me feel as if i wasn’t alone and i have a lot of gratitude for that! I will be recommending anyone that gets stuck in life and needs options to possibly get help. Please give these gentlemen a call or just look on their website!”

~Stella- Geraci Law Client

“Geraci Law Firm is great they help me and walked me through every step. Please if you need help they are the place for you. You won’t regret it.”         ~Johnathan_ Geraci Law Client

Find out Firsthand how Geraci Law L.L.C. makes life changing impacts!!!

“The Geraci Law Firm was very professional, filed my case immediately and is always on POINT with any concerns. I was hesitant, but glad I decided to go with Geraci Law Firm. My worries are over! Thanks and it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

~Theresa- Geraci Law Client

“With over 30 years in business, I have learned that there are two common attributes of the successful ones: • Great ideas • Great customer service.  Geraci Law, in general, and attorney Nathan Curtis, specifically provided both in my case.  We had an asset that we were in danger of losing, but thanks to Nathan’s knowledge, skill and great ideas, we were able to take the appropriate actions to save that asset.  The other thing: Nathan’s thoughtful professional courtesy and attitude. Throughout the process he provided great customer service and follow up. He allied any concerns we had and fully explained all options and outcomes. I can say without hesitation: Nathan Curtis is 5-stars! And I would strongly recommend him and Geraci Law.”

~John- Geraci Law Client


“The attorneys were great. They told me what to expect. They were kind as well as professional.  They were timely and organized. I did not feel judged based on my issues. God really used them to be a blessing to me when I needed it. Thank you for serving the community……”

~Eugenia- Geraci Law Client


“I hired PFG law firm to represent me during my bankruptcy. They were kind, compassionate, & comprehensive to my legal needs. I recommend them highly to anyone that is in need of professional representation.”

~Christine- Geraci Law Client

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Geraci Law Client Testimonials

“We have had nothing short of professional service from Geraci Law. From our first visit 5 years ago, throughout our whole legal problem, and now, 5 years later, when I needed a legal form. They were right there for us. We were treated with respect, almost like friends and family. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”                                                                   ~Ross and Christina- Geraci Law Client

“The experience I’ve had at Peter Francis Geraci has been great. All the information was presented very well and laid out in front of me. I thought I would feel overwhelmed but they made my situation feel positive. They have call centers that can answer all your questions after your meeting. I would recommend them for your bankruptcy needs.”                    ~Patrick- Geraci Law Client       

“Filing bankruptcy was the best decision I’ve ever made, but without Peter Francis Geraci’s awesome lawyers and paralegals, I couldn’t have done it. I tried to navigate through the process myself and it was too much. PFG made it all easy for me to understand and made it easy for me to accomplish my goal- being debt free. From my first consultation through to the filing of my case, they kept me informed and aware of what was happening and what I needed to do. They also made it affordable by taking my current financial situation into consideration when setting up my payment schedule. I truly appreciate all the Peter Francis Geraci and the staff at 86th and Cottage Grove have done for me. I have recommended them to family and friends who are looking to get out of debt as well.”                                   ~Asheena- Geraci Law Client          

Great Results                                                                                                                                            For 20 years I was borrowing from one credit card to pay another, any extra money I received went to my bills. My mortgage company would not allow me to refinance because my debt had climbed so high. I was so worried I could not sleep at night. Now that I have filed Bankruptcy with Geraci Law, I can breathe easier. Thank you to Frank Hernandez, David Lugardo, and Lizette Villegas for helping me through this process.”                                     ~Jose- Geraci Law Client                                                           

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Hear what others have to say about the PFG Difference!!

I was a bit nervous to start the process. When I called the rep made me feel very comfortable. I expected to feel terrible about myself after I got off the phone (obviously not extremely happy to be calling due to the reason), but he was great! My appointment was set for a couple days later and I was told all of the information to bring. Once I got to the office in Round Lake IL I found that because I was so close to the border I was sent there, but he could not represent me. Instead of making me set an appointment in Wisconsin and turning me away he helped me start the process and made sure I understood everything going on. Between the time I met him and the time I had to schedule my next appointment with another attorney in Wisconsin, Marc was AMAZING. It did not matter what day it was, or how silly my question may have been…he was on top of answering my emails. Again, he could have very easily told me to wait for my WI representative or forwarded my emails to someone else but he was so helpful! After getting everything together I went to another man in Racine to finish up (Joseph Blaha). Again, very nice guy. Our conversation was great, he answered my questions and helped me get everything wrapped up so we could schedule the court date. Then came the court date…which I had another gentleman there to represent me. I was very nervous and he was also very helpful and explained everything to me very well so that I was not confused with what was going on. There were a few times that I had to postpone a payment and all I had to do was call… Not once did they question why I was needing a little more time. They simply asked what date it could come out of my account and set it up. I pushed off doing this for so long because I was nervous I would do something wrong and miss something, or maybe it was the terrible feeling that I got going for it anyway. Either way I am thankful I did. And I am thankful I choose Geraci to guide me the whole way. There is a reason this name is so well-known. I am now through the whole process, paid off, and feel like a million pounds has been lifted off of me. These guys know what they are doing and they are what I like to call “laid back professional”. This is not to be confused with something bad, I mean it in the way that they get the job done but are able to speak with you like you are a human being and that you should not be down on yourself for needing their help. I recommend them to everyone that needs help.                          ~~~~~Racine, WI

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