Find out Firsthand how Geraci Law L.L.C. makes life changing impacts!!!

“The Geraci Law Firm was very professional, filed my case immediately and is always on POINT with any concerns. I was hesitant, but glad I decided to go with Geraci Law Firm. My worries are over! Thanks and it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

~Theresa- Geraci Law Client

“With over 30 years in business, I have learned that there are two common attributes of the successful ones: • Great ideas • Great customer service.  Geraci Law, in general, and attorney Nathan Curtis, specifically provided both in my case.  We had an asset that we were in danger of losing, but thanks to Nathan’s knowledge, skill and great ideas, we were able to take the appropriate actions to save that asset.  The other thing: Nathan’s thoughtful professional courtesy and attitude. Throughout the process he provided great customer service and follow up. He allied any concerns we had and fully explained all options and outcomes. I can say without hesitation: Nathan Curtis is 5-stars! And I would strongly recommend him and Geraci Law.”

~John- Geraci Law Client


“The attorneys were great. They told me what to expect. They were kind as well as professional.  They were timely and organized. I did not feel judged based on my issues. God really used them to be a blessing to me when I needed it. Thank you for serving the community……”

~Eugenia- Geraci Law Client


“I hired PFG law firm to represent me during my bankruptcy. They were kind, compassionate, & comprehensive to my legal needs. I recommend them highly to anyone that is in need of professional representation.”

~Christine- Geraci Law Client

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