Does Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit?

Bad credit can’t be ruined by getting out of debt. Bankruptcy gets you out of debt. No debt = better “credit”.

Below is an article written by Attorney Peter Francis Geraci explaining filing a bankruptcy could actually IMPROVE your credit score. Read more articles written by PFG at

Most people filing bankruptcy have bad credit scores. Most are below 600. That is bad credit.

Bad credit can’t be ruined by getting out of debt. Bankruptcy gets you out of debt. No debt = better “credit”.

Studies have shown that your credit score goes up after bankruptcy discharge.  Take my 2 hour debtor education course if you want to improve your credit.  Go to   

If you can get a house and a low interest rate on a vehicle, you probably don’t even need bankruptcy relief. 

But, if you can’t afford to pay your creditors, but you have a good credit score, you probably don’t have good credit, you have good debt!  Soon or later, the credit bureaus are going to notice you’ve maxed out on credit and your credit score is going to fall.  

Bankruptcy does not generally ruin your credit more than it is already. Many people say to me, “I’m current on all my cards. I have good credit.” Then I find out that they have been getting cash advances on one card and using that money to pay the other charge cards. That is borrowing money when you cannot repay it. If you do that, you may not have good credit.  

Credit is the ability to borrow money. Lenders look at several things about you if you want to borrow money. First, they look at your ability to repay it. If you have a lot of bills to pay now, you probably can’t afford to borrow more, because you won’t be able to repay it.

Second, the credit bureaus look at your history of repayment. If creditors reported you slow-pay, or have lawsuits, garnishments or repossessions, you already have ruined your credit history. Getting rid of your bills in a bankruptcy may improve your situation. You will have no bills to pay, or maybe just one or two. You will then be able to try to save a little money. Also, you can’t file another bankruptcy until six years have passed. Many lenders will allow you to re-establish credit, because now you have a better ability to repay.

The third main factor that a lender looks at is the security or collateral given for the loan. You may need more money down than in the past.

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Author: Elizabeth Doren Paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C.

I am a paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C. (the greatest consumer bankruptcy law firm that ever was or will be!) I talk to thousands of people who are struggling financially.

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