5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews


March 8, 2017: “I have had a very good experience with Mr. Mok. He has been very helpful with the bankruptcy procedure.”



March 3, 2017: “Attorney Ashley was very nice and professional. She made me feel at home when I first came and made sure that I was comfortable with the payments and made sure that I understood everything. I met Mr. Geraci twice and he VERY NICE and down to earth! I couldn’t believe it!”

March 8, 2017: “Lisa was sensational and excellent. She made me feel like a person not just client.”


March 8, 2017: “I came because my parents came before and the television commercials. I thought that it was fast and easy with Geraci Law. I thought it was going to be stressful but it wasn’t, so straightforward!”

March 6, 2017: “I do recommend them If you are trying to file bankruptcy. Erik and Lacey were so helpful and walked me through all of the steps that I needed. I am happy to be a client.”


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