5-Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorney Reviews

March 1, 2017: 5starreviews“I was very impressed with how quickly Ann Kramer helped me filed my case. I am very satisfied with Geraci Law.”

March 1, 2017: “We were so worried about filing bankruptcy but Abraham made it simple and easy. We are so grateful to Geraci Law for making a difficult process easy and painless.”

February 28, 2017: “Almost 2yrs after my discharge, something came out of nowhere and needed to be handled asap. Geraci responded. Problem solved and no extra fees.Whew!”

February 28, 2017: “Joe **** and Robert **** both handled my case excellently and answered all my questions. Felicia ****** was also great and helped me when I came pay off my balance in full. Thank you Geraci Law!”

February 28, 2017: “I really enjoyed working with Cecil to get my case filed. He took his time to explain everything to me. He was very kind and wonderful throughout.”


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