Geraci Law BBB Reviews

5starreviewsDecember 2, 2016: “I was a little scared and nervous to file bankruptcy but after I did a free consultation with attorney Mario ******* at the Evergreen Park location… He was so informative… About the difference in a Chapter 7 and 13….How each one works…It help to ease my gitters….I recommend anyone who may be going through a few financial down’s can’t see anyway out of a debt situation to come and check out the marvelous staff at Peter Francis Geraci in Evergreen Park…Such a friendly group of people… Thank you all so much”

December 1, 2016: “We met with Wylie at the office on Cicero and he was very helpful. We felt much better after meeting with him. Our stress level dropped a MILLION percent now that we are debt free. He took the time to solve all our problems. I would HIGHLY recommend Geraci Law to anyone who needs helps with their bills.”

November 30, 2016: “I am satisfied with the service it couldn’t have gone better they were able to work with me and I am happy and feel satisfied with the friendly service the attorney explained everything in detail so I understood .I am thankful I was able to relief my debt with Geraci .”

November 29, 2016: “My recent visit to Geraci Law was not only helpful but educational. Jason ******** my attorney, was very professional and help me through my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I highly recommend Jason, if you want to file.”

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