5-Star Geraci Law Reviews

5starreviewsDecember 5, 2016: “gave is BBB reviewRVBBB: I walked in and was immediately greeted by the paralegal Venus Peters who was very nice and helpful then I met with attorney Mario Arreola who was very helpful and nice answered all my questions and made sure to tell me everything I needed to know about chapter 7 and chapter 13 I left feeling relieved and stress free.”

December 5, 2016: “I worked with Lizette Villegas on my case.  She was exceedingly helpful, kind, and very intellectually informed on all subject matters pertaining to my case.  I would absolutely recommend people seek her when they’re in need.  Life is difficult enough, allow her to ease your stress.”

December 5, 2016: “I found Mr. Khalil, Mr. Villalpando, and the entire staff at P.F.G to be extremely professional and very caring regarding my situation. I was treated with respect and understanding and highly recommend to anyone who would seek financial relief and assistance.”

December 5, 2016: “Friendly staff and courteous, the cost is high considering I’m a single mother of two, also when I inquired at this office my second meeting about the credit counseling  fee being waived I was told I had to not have any income. But I found out with the second credit Counseling online that I possibly qualified so my second Dee was waived.  Thanks”

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