Peter Francis Geraci Donates to Bar Foundations in 5 states

Peter Francis Geraci J.D.

Peter Francis Geraci Donates to the Florida Bar Foundation, State Bar of California, Wisconsin Law Foundation, Minnesota Bar Foundation and the Illinois Bar Foundation.

The purpose of the foundations is to provide legal aid to individuals who are disadvantaged.  Millions of individuals each year can use legal assistance, but very few can actually afford it.  By supporting these foundations, the state bar foundations can provide legal services.

Not only do these foundations provide legal assistance to low-income individuals, but the foundations will also provide support to youths.  There are a number of cases where a youth needs attorney representation.  Without state foundations, providing free or reduced cost legal services, individuals under the age of 18 could have no legal representation.

The bar foundations, and the attorneys who donate money and their time to them, provide excellent services to the community.  Geraci Law  encourages anyone who can donate, to do so.

Not only does Mr. Geraci support the bar foundations, he is also part of a list of attorneys who accept pro bono cases.  You can read our story about a recent case Mr. Geraci accepted in East Moline here. 

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