Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks!

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup. Many Blackhawk fans forget (or try to block out) years ago when games weren’t televised and the Madhouse didn’t sell out.

Then, the Chicago Blackhawks needed a fresh start. So the owners go together and restructured the organization. The Hawks signed Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Now the team celebrates its third Stanley Cup win in just six years.

The Blackhawks organization recognized what they were doing was not working. Similar to being in debt. Making the minimum payments is ok. It keeps credit scores at acceptable levels. But when meeting the minimum payment means dipping into savings accounts, it’s time to rethink what you are doing.

Bankruptcy can save you thousands in interest (think saves like Corey Crawford in Game 6). Instead of paying minimums – you can start saving for retirement, kid’s college, etc. Peter Francis Geraci is a Chicago legend like the Chicago Blackhawks. Give him a call to stay out of the debt penalty box.

Beyond the Call

Geraci Law attorneys go above and beyond for their clients. Some people are nervous about bankruptcy. It’s like the commercial says. You are nervous when you go to the dentist but when you leave you feel great. Bankruptcy is similar. Below are some examples of how Geraci Law goes above and beyond to help their clients:

Attorney Jason Kara says, “When the Debtor arrived for her initial appointment she was frantic because she locked her keys in her car. Told her don’t worry, have a seat. I used my AAA membership to have a locksmith sent out to unlock the car. By the time the client was done with her appointment AAA had arrived and unlocked her vehicle.”

Attorney Mark Levine says, “Said that the real reason he decided to go with us though is because AFTER he came in to speak to me on Monday he went home and thought about it & was worried he was making a knee-jerk decision.  So he discussed it w/his twin brother and his brother told him that it might be worth paying a few extra bucks to go with a big name firm with a good reputation that has been around awhile.  He took that advice, but he said that the true reason he came back today and hired us without concern is because of the way he was treated when he came in on Monday.  Said he really appreciated that a busy attorney would take the time to spend 10 minutes talking to someone off the street, for free, and that he got the feeling that we actually care about the people we represent.

Why file with anyone else?

Some of the many benefits of becoming a Geraci Law client.

  • You become one of the 100,000 people that Geraci Law helped become debt-free!
  • You not only get the expertise of your attorney but all Geraci Law attorneys and staff to ensure your case is hassle-free!
  • Payment plan to fit any budget. We routinely file cases for no-money down.
  • Discounted fees for required credit counseling courses.
  • Access to your credit report and FICO score.
  • Flexibility. Geraci Law understands life is hectic and appointments do not always fit into the 9:00-5:00 mold. We offer evening and weekend hours to fit your schedule.
  • Staff is available from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 7:30-3:00 p.m. on Saturday. You do not speak to a voicemail but to a live person to solve your problem.

What Our Clients Say About Us…

“OMG!!! My experience with Christine was absolutely the best!!! I was afraid to file for bankruptcy and wasn’t completely sure if I wanted to do it because I didn’t know much about how the process worked. So I decided to make an appointment to find out more. I started out looking at a Chapter 13 but later decided it would be best to do the Chapter 7. During the entire process Christine was very pleasant and patient with me, making sure I had all my questions answered.There were times I even stopped by without an appointment and, even though she had other customers, she would still take the time to answer my questions or address any concerns.”

“Megan and Marc were very helpful and kind and knowledgeable at an unfortunate time in our lives. Megan personally helped calm my fears and seemed genuinely concerned that I was not going to continue to be “frazzled” and upset by this process. It was reassuring and a blessing. Marc had also helped reassure that we understood everything before leaving. I would definitely recommend this business if anyone else has the need for them!”

“I went to geraci Law to file bankruptcy last year, I was referred by my mom.. All the lawyers were so nice and helpful. they will work with you on payments. They deal with all income situation to make sure you get the best payment plan for your budget. I highly recommend this firm.”

Abraham Lincoln the Bankruptcy Attorney

President Abraham Lincoln was a bankruptcy attorney. He represented debtors out of Illinois. Like Peter Francis Geraci, Attorney/President Lincoln filed cases for no-money down. He also accepted payment of firewood.

Even though Geraci Law does not accept wood as payment, attorneys will work out a payment plan if you need one. Filing a bankruptcy will provide much needed relief from debt stress. Geraci Law will find you an honest-Abe solution to your financial problems.

Have a Safe & Great Memorial Day

Geraci Law staff thanks the service of current military, veterans and military families. There is a tremendous amount of sacrifice to serve in the armed forces for the soldier and family. We want to help you as you helped us.


Geraci Law Veterans and Family Members:

  • Attorney Frank Hernandez served with the United States Army. He has 10 years of service in the ILANG, dual positions – military intelligence and infantry. He has worked for Geraci Law for 21 years and is a partner of personal injury firm Geraci, Arreola, Hernandez. You can visit Attorney Hernandez for bankruptcy and injury consultations at the Berwyn (6537 W Cermak) and 63rd Street (4401 W 63rd) offices.
  • Attorney Juan Villalpando served with the United States Navy stationed out of Norfolk, VA. He has worked for Geraci Law for 10 years. You can visit Attorney Villalpando for a bankruptcy consultation at the Tinley Park (171055 S Harlem) or Cottage Grove (8638 S Cottage Grove).
  • Attorney Salvador Gutierrez served with the United States Army Reserve. He was with the 244th Aviation Group out of Glenview Navy Air Base. He has worked for Geraci Law for six years. You can visit Attorney Gutierrez at Calumet City office located inside the River Oaks Mall.
  • Anna Morowczynski born into military family in 1979 in Fort Hood, Texas. Her father was Military Police and mother was a Signal Corp Officer. She has worked for Geraci Law for 7 years as a supervising paralegal and administrator. 

What Clients Say About Geraci Law…

Ronald from Chicago, IL says, “My experience with Peter Francis Geraci, was excellent they worked with me through everything, payment, other bills that came to me that were not on my credit. The employees were very polite and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend the office on 87th and cottage grove and Peter Francis Geraci service to everyone.”

Jeanette from Indianapolis, IN says, “When I went to Geraci Law in Castleton I had no idea what I was about to do. They answer all my questions and guided my husband and me through the process. I was so stressed out and loss but they gave me encouragement if I had to do it again I would only trust Geraci Law.”

Kesha from Milwaukee, WI says, “When I walked into the the office of Peter Francis Geraci I was very nervous and not sure if or how I would get out of my debt. Joe was very helpful and made sure that I understood everything and answered all my questions to the best of his ability.”

Sandra from Chicago, IL says, “My experience with Peter Francis Geraci went very smooth. From my original call until the end the entire process went exactly to plan. My questions were answered and everything was taking care of properly. Even though its a big firm you deal with the same people and its a very personal feel. I dealed with Stephen and Jonathan and they were great.”

Falayshia from Merrillville, IN says, “I was in a financial crisis and I went to Peter Francis Geraci Law firm and worked with Laveta and Rodney. They are both awesome attorneys! I recommend either one of them if someone needs an attorney. Might I add, meeting with them did not seem like business or intimidating at all but yet in still the entire time they were both professional.”