Geraci Law Tinley Park

“The team here at the Tinley Park office are very upfront and helpful when explaining the process and how it should actually go. Having had a horrible experience with another bankruptcy group, the differences are truly like night and day. They answered all my questions and made sure I understood the options available to me so that I could make the best decision for my needs.” – Dinise

“Very helpful, informative. I had so many questions and concerns about filing bankruptcy but they answered all of them and made me more educated and comfortable about it. I will be recommending them to friends and family.” – Ashley

“Kristin was amazing! I felt so relieved like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I met with her. She took care of my case and answered all of my questions. I am so glad I decided to choose geraci law for my bankruptcy case, I know I’m in good hands and will be taken care of ! I recommend them to anyone that is going through financial hardship you won’t be disappointed !” – Cynthia

“Tinley Park Lawyers helped me dramatically…. They were inventive, professional and knowledgeable…. Definitely THE PLACE TO GO IF U NEED HELP🙂” – Lisa

“They are such a huge help. Very kind. Willing to work with you in whatever the case is. Highly recommended. Polite. Patient. Thankful for a chance to start all over again with their help and guidance.” – Gloria

“This is Annie J Wesson. I love that you guys welcome me with open arms. I was so lost in debt that I didn’t know what to do. But you all took the time helped me step by step and got my chapter 7 file. Thanks again and I would recommend any and everyone to you guys.” – Annie

Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane is up to a Category 4 storm. Hawaii residents are stocking up on water and toiletries in preparation for strong winds and heavy rain. Geraci Law hopes all in Hawaii stay safe during Hurricane Lane.

Property damages can cost thousands. The cost of repair can force people in to massive debt. If you do not have savings to help with the expense, you may depend on credit. Job loss? Divorce? Bad luck? If you can’t make the credit card payments, you are in a financial storm.

No one understands debt like Geraci Law. Bankruptcy with Geraci Law can help you weather the storm.  Our experts help determine if bankruptcy is an option for you. It’s absolutely free to call @ 800.401.4010.

You can speak with our own Lane Smith (now known as Hurricane Lane). He’s a senior consultant with Geraci Law and ready to help you with your financial stress.

Geraci Law Westchester Clients

“Coming to this law firm has provided me with a sense of relief.  My attorney, Christine, has been nothing but fantastic.  She comes with vast knowledge of her field and she eases the butterflies and headaches.  My overall experience has been nothing but the greatest. I used the other law firm and ran into problems so I immediately came here and it has been nothing but fantastic!  I recommend it, I even sent my brother in!! I love being able to sleep at night.  It’s been nothing but great!!”

Adam Suchy was very thorough, understanding and well educated at the task at hand. Made you feel comfortable and shared empathy toward my situation. Used his resources to go above and beyond my expectations!

P F G Law really helped me, not only with bankruptcy but also with educating me on how to budget my finances on a regular basis.

I went into the office not knowing what to expect. I was greeted by a very pleasant lady who reassured me that things would get better. She explained step by step what would take place for me and reassured me with each question. She helped me to understand the process I agreed to take for my situation. I’m very thankful to  Ms. C. Kuhlman and Geraci Law. For their help.

Well I was in a real bad money situation  Adam Suchy worked with me as far as my down payment and everything I was  relieved  when I left out of the office he made me feel so comfortable  I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I even had to file but he made me feel so much better if you need Bankruptcy protection and assistance I highly recommend you come here

Geraci Law Aurora Clients

My experience was Great … Hardest part was deciding to file the rest was as easy as 1 2 3 every question answered and explained every step from start to finish & what to expect .. Thank you for allowing me to focus on my personal issues as My financial issues were totally in the Best Hands !!!

I have been working with Jason Kara with Geraci Law and it has been a phenomenal experience. I never have to wait more than a day to receive a response from him with any questions or concerns that I may have concerning my case or just in general. Geraci Law stands by their name and so do I, great service thank you!!

Really great experience! My lawyer Alex Wilson made the process of filing effortless. I was very apprehensive about the whole process but he allayed all my fears. I would recommend PFG in Aurora to everyone. Thanks!

“I was scared and embarrassed to file for bankruptcy that I kept pushing it aside. Scott greenwood made the whole process easy he was very helpful in explaining the different type of chapters! I walk out happy with big smile on my face knowing I made the best decision ever. I will recommend him to any body who needs to go through this!!!”

Friendly environment, very informative, no hassles about payments, they work at your pace . Once you handle your part they do their part . Definitely was uneasy about filing . But Geraci’s associates were very upfront about everything.

Great customer service. Very informative. Walked me through step by step. Answered all questions without judgement. Kind and caring people in difficult times. If ever ran into trouble again would not hesitate to go back. Will definitely let people know of the respect, care, and compassion from this firm.

Geraci Law Racine

Everyone we have worked with has been very welcoming and thorough. Before going, anxiety was high and nerves were through the roof but the attorneys are very easy going and reassuring. After leaving, we felt relief and gratitude.

My experience was great from start to finish. Walked in a bundle of nerves and Katie quickly put those to rest. Left the office with a feeling of hope and brighter days ahead. Katie made the whole experience easy to understand and deal with. Thanks so much!

Katie and Robert were a great help.  I appreciate their patience and their knowledge of their craft.  They worked with me on payments and answered all my questions. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to reclaim their financial life!

Peter Francis Law office in Racine are nice, friendly and fast. I would highly recommended  to come here whose really are facing bankruptcy or debt issues with. Each lawyers are really good and professionally lawyer Felicia M. Petroff is awesome.

Joe was extremely helpful and worked hard to file our claim quickly, was always quick to answer any questions or address any concerns we had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone going through financial difficulties, You’ll leave the office feeling so relieved!

I met with Attorney Blaha who made this process so easy for me. I can’t say enough good things about him and the law firm. I highly recommend going to talk with him if you are contemplating bankruptcy. I file next week and feel so stress free now. Thank you Attorney Blaha!!!

Everyone has told us to go here and now my family and I know why. Going to be living with less debt. Thanks to the help of the attorneys at Geraci Law. They have great service and fast responses.

Geraci Law Wauwatosa Clients

Very professional, clear and honest. Abraham and Robert have done an excellent job guiding me through a very stressful situation.  I thank them and would recommend anyone to go see them if you need help!

Love attorney Berning provides wonderful service great customer services everyone is really wonderful answered all my questions and explained everything in detail. Willing to work around all situations love that the most. In need of service or even the simplest questions don’t hesitate to give Geraci law offices a call.

Geraci law LLC is a very efficient and thorough law firm. The attorneys are very kind and patient. I recommend that anyone who is struggling with that comment get a consultation!

Geraci Law LLC has excellent,  excellent, people.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Chapter 13 can help stop tax levies and pay pennies on the dollar on your other debts which is a great.

Geraci Law LLC Took the time to handle my case with dignity. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a law firm to help restructure their debts, stop foreclosures, or any other debt relief available!  The team at Geraci will help you get back on your feet.

Brent and Robert did a great job helping me with my bankruptcy situations, they gave me solid plans and information on how to obtain all my necessary documentations to complete my filing. They where both very quick with getting me in and helping me understand the process. I highly recommend Robert and Brent when dealing with Geraci Law offices.


Geraci Law Berwyn Clients

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Mr. Gomez.  He was SO very supportive and his very clear guidance through this rocky path over the mountains of this financial distress was a life saver.  His professional expertise and customer service was way past five stars.  It was more like intergalactic.
He has been so supportive of me as a person and his calm demeanor helped me a lot as we worked through the formulation of this bankruptcy filing.
Whenever I hear anyone speaking of possibly needing to file bankruptcy, I will automatically share Mr Gomez’s contact info at Geraci Law

“Frank and Ricardo were wonderful! They were able to educate us. They took extra time to give us details about our situation and we feel like they have our back. We never felt ashamed over our situation. They encouraged us and gave us hope for a fresh start. Can’t put a price tag on the wisdom they gave us! We will highly recommend Frank and Ricardo to anyone that is in need of debt relief.”

Working with Geraci Law on understanding the bankruptcy laws and what my options were to file was completely stress free. They were understanding and patient with me and made sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed. One of the best decisions ever made!!!  Now I can sleep…

My lawyer Ricardo Gomez helped me breathe again. Going threw the lowest part in my life he made it assuring everything will be aright. I most definitely learned a lot. With my growth I’m hoping I will never have too go threw this again. But if so Geraci is the place too go.”

Frank has been a BIG help in getting me back on my feet…he didn’t give me the run around, he explained ALL my options and what he thought was best for me. I tried consolidation and they really pulled one over on me. Going to Peter Francis Geraci was the best thing I ever did. Thank you Frank for helping me get a 2nd chance!!!

I highly recommend Peter Francis Geraci to anyone and everyone looking to file bankruptcy, the Berwyn office helped me out a lot even after I have a failed attempt with another law ( I will not say there name but they advertise a lot), Let just say that I learned a very expensive lesson and if I could go back I would have went with Peter Francis Geraci FIRST. They are #1 for bankruptcy……thank you Frank at the Berwyn office