Hiring Random General Practice Attorney for Bankruptcy Leads to Disaster

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A homeowner hired a local attorney in Algonquin Illinois whose main business is income tax preparation. That attorney failed to avoid a judgment lien attached to the residence. That was in 2015, 7 years ago. After the discharge was entered, the lien remained, and the homeowner discovered it 4 years later, and complained to the lawyer, who filed at least 4 motions to reopen the case that failed. The poor homeowner then hired another attorney to clean up the mess, who also failed.

Here’s what the court had to say about the first attorney: While the court does not do so for every attorney appearing before it, as Maksymonko was unfamiliar to the court and given his repeated errors, prior to the Initial Hearing, the court sua sponte sought to confirm Maksymonko’s status as an attorney authorized to practice before it. It is worth noting here that this court has no bar qualifications or admission process. Attorneys practicing before it must only be members in good standing of the bar of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. What the court discovered was concerning—that Maksymonko was not a member in good standing of the District Court bar. Apparently Maksymonko was suspended from practice by the State of Illinois on January 23, 2003. As a result, he was reciprocally suspended by the District Court. https://www.ilnb.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/opinions/BruceK.Probst15bk12654JudicialLienAvoidanceUnder522f60.pdf

Another attorney then appeared and failed. The lien of $92,054.53 is still stuck on the debtor’s residence. All because the homeowner went to an “unknown attorney” who was suspended. You can read the whole sad story in Judge Barnes’ opinion. Geraci Law would have simply filed, and won, a motion to avoid the lien, for most likely $92,000 less than what the homeowner is going to have to pay. Those attorneys who “dabble” in bankruptcy law may sometimes cause big trouble for their clients. In this case, the cost of a “cheap lawyer” was over $92,000.00.

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