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Student Loan collections to resume in 2022 – read Geraci Law press release and PFG Article!

Geraci Law released the following press release regarding student loans. Read this release and more @

As of December 31, 2019, 10,347,000* borrowers were in default or 91+ days delinquent out of 44,865,000 borrowers with outstanding debt, according to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s April 2, 2021 press release. During COVID, federal student loan interest, and collections, were paused. Will there be a “Jubilee” of forgiveness. Not likely. But there may be relief in bankruptcy for loans over 10 years old if a bill introduced in the Senate on August 21, 2021 passes both houses of Congress.

The problem with this bill is that it requires schools with a high default rate to pay to the Treasury up to 50% of the amount forgiven.

In August, the President extended to Jan. 22, 2022, the moratorium that 9 of every 10 student loan borrowers have taken advantage of. Will the forgiveness bill pass before then? Probably not, if ever. Will the moratorium get extended again. Good chance, since the Democrats want to get elected in November 2022. Will student loans disappear? Not likely. Why not? Because America’s higher education gets fat by raising tuition and have students borrow our tax money to pay for a 4 year vacation from work. So the colleges and universities are opposed to any form of student loan forgiveness that would cost them a nickel, or reduce enrollment in super-expensive post-high school education.

What to do in the meantime? Get ready to pay your student loan, since it can’t be forgiven in bankruptcy. No fresh start for you, B.A. in Philosophy!

But wait there’s more!

Attorney Peter Francis Geraci wrote an article titled, “Student Loan Forgiveness for the Permanently Disabled.” You can read this article and more @

If you are receiving Social Security Disability, the Social Security Administration has determined that you are permanently and totally disabled and cannot engage in meaningful employment. In fact, if you do engage in meaningful employment paying over $500 a month, you are then deemed to be able to work. While you are disabled, you should apply for an “administrative discharge” of any student loan obligation. A family member can help you with this. You do not need an attorney.

You should not think of filing a bankruptcy to discharge student loans, therefore, if you are receiving Social Security Disability. Just inform the student loan servicer that you are totally, permanently disabled, and ask them to forgive the loan.

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