Chapter 7 – What Happens to My Credit Score if I File Bankruptcy?

An excerpt from Attorney Peter Francis Geraci’s “The Complete Book on Bankruptcy.”

Below is an excerpt from Attorney Peter Francis Geraci’s “The Complete Book On Bankruptcy.”  You can read the rest of the book online at

CHAPTER #7 What happens to my credit score if I file bankruptcy?

Strangely, it usually goes up. Most of our clients have a credit score of below 600. Four months after filing Chapter 7, you should receive a discharge. You then have a creditor report that shows way less debt, and that you received a Chapter 7 discharge. If you are working, now you are not under pressure to pay bills you cannot pay, and can start saving. You also cannot file Chapter 7 for another 8 years, or in a Chapter 13 for another 4 years. So the lenders think you are a pretty good risk for lending, since you have little debt, and no ability to file bankruptcy, and a job. Your credit score can go up as much as 100 points.

If you had a credit score of 700 or more, and filed bankruptcy, it was a phony score, since you were overloaded with debt. Even so, after a Chapter 7 discharge, it may not change much, or it may go back up.

Regardless of credit score, after you receive a Chapter 7 or 13 discharge, you will find yourself able to buy a vehicle or house if you have the right job and down payment. The key is to save up a down payment, and not get overloaded again.

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