Geraci Law Attorneys at NACTT

Geraci Law attorneys attended the National Association of Chapter 13 Trustee’s convention in Indianapolis on July 18-July 20.

Group 1

From left to right (front row) are Attorneys Nathan Curtis, Bridget Spears, Evan Garrapy, Peter Francis Geraci, Thomas Barbour, Patrick McMulty. From left to right (back row) Attorneys Frank Hernandez, Chad Garrapy, Anthony Shull, John Sadler, Erik Dickinson.


Geraci Law attorney Bridget Spears poses with the bronze statue of Themis, Greek goddess of justice, at the Capital Grille in downtown Indianapolis. Geraci Law headquarters in downtown Chicago has a similar statute.


Well doggone it! Geraci Law Indianapolis South did a Pro “Bone” O case for this friendly walk-in. We had to help him with the paperwork though.


Geraci Law Attorneys Nathan Curtis and Peter Francis Geraci visited the Indiana Supreme Court. It is housed in the Indiana State building. Built in 1883, of Indiana limestone from Bedford County. Building is unusual in that it still houses all 3 branches of government, the governor’s office, the Supreme Court, in the state legislature. The Indiana Supreme Court, unlike many other states, travels to various counties to hear cases.


Indiana Supreme Court has 5 justices. This is the original 1883 courtroom which is still in use, and all its furnishings are original. The room is as long as it is high as it is wide. It is a cube. The idea of the architect was that “all sides are equal”


This is where the Indiana Senate meets! The carpeting on the floor  represents the 18 states in the union when Indiana was admitted. Surrounding the big star, number 19, represents Indiana.


Abraham Lincoln lived in Indiana after moving from Kentucky as a boy.  He often returned after moving to Illinois when he was about 20 years old. There are many references to Lincoln at this Indiana State Capital .


This is the inner atrium of the Indiana State Capital.  The capitals of the columns on the 1st floor are Doric, on the 2nd floor they are Ionic, and on the 3rd floor they are Corinthian.


Geraci Law Attorneys Robert Brynjelsen and John Sadler enjoy a toast to Indianapolis!

Author: Elizabeth Doren Paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C.

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