5-Star Geraci Law Reviews

5starreviewsNovember 29, 2016: “We met with Brent Berning at the Mayfair office. He was very helpful and answered all our questions. If he wasn’t available when we called with questions, any of the attorneys that answered the phone were able to help us with our case. Robert Crowley was with us at the meeting of creditors and was also very helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

November 29, 2016: “I found myself in a situation I never, ever thought I would find myself in–having to file bankruptcy. I have worked hard all my life and have ALWAYS paid my bills. Then I found myself needing to move back to WI due to family health issues, leaving my job and my home out of state. A year later, my house has not sold and and I found myself supporting that household and my household here in WI and then out of a job for a period of time. I didn’t know what to do. A family member suggested investigating the possibility of filing bankruptcy. I never, ever thought I would need to do that and was embarrassed to even consider the possibility. I was afraid to even go into the office for the consult. I met with Kathryn MacKenzie, Attorney At Law, for my consult. She was very professional. She explained in detail the different bankruptcy options (Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13), how the process works for each type, and answered all my questions, all the while making me feel very much at ease. She never made me feel embarrassed. She empowered me by giving me the necessary information so I could make an informed decision about moving forward.”

November 28, 2016: “I was in rough situation. So, I contacted Geraci Law. They helped me set up the process. Over the course of my chapter 13, if I had any questions or concerns, I called and professional and polite attorney answered all my questions. I would recommend to a friend or family member. Thank you!! “



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