Geraci Law 5-Star Reviews


November 2, 2016:Rodney and John in the Merrillville office were very helpful, made me feel like there’s still hope and I’m fixing my financial problems instead of hiding and avoiding phone calls from my creditors. I feel like I have a fresh start. Would recommend to friends and family.”


November 4, 2016: “Jason, Lisa, and Tarek were very direct and explained the whole process to me. When I was unsure of something, I asked and I got a direct and helpful answer. They were great.”

October 24, 2016: “A few months ago, I contacted the Geraci Law firm. With so many things crashing down on me and medical bills piling up, I felt overwhelmed and stressed out. Filing chapter 13 was an option I was curious about and after the thorough consultation, I filed and everything was a bit better. A few months later, I found myself with a few variations in my personal situation and I was once again faced with a dilemma on how to deal with it. I called for a consultation to handle it and was put in contact with Ashley.”

“Once again, the lawyers at Geraci were thorough and consistent!!! Ashley was very helpful and knowledgeable. She answered my questions quickly and helped settle my stressed out nerves!”


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