Attorney Geraci Supports the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund

The Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund sent a thank you to Attorney Peter Francis Geraci for his contribution.  The donation, by Mr. Geraci, will be used to support three member legal service providers: Disability Rights Wisconsin, Legal Action of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Judicare.

The donation will be used to help people in need.  Recently the Disability Rights of Wisconsin (DRW) assisted a woman, named Mary, who was discharged from a county Health Facility.  The Group Home Staff attempts to relocate Mary to a housing community failed.

The DRW took over to help Mary relocate.  DRW was able to help Mary successfully find a housing community and put down a security deposit on an apartment of her own choosing.  Mary now has a place she can call, “home”. Mary said, “I was led out of the desert to an oasis.” when commenting on the assistance from DRW employees.

Donations to the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund will help prevent homelessness, joblessness, discrimination and other problems.

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