5 Star Geraci Law Reviews!

Geraci5Star Geraci Law 5 Star Reviews From Avvo! 

“Excellent Job: My name is Linda. It got to the point I was buried in credit card debt. You see, I never understood variables, short term goals, long term goals, I used to say “I don’t make goals, that’s boring. ” I have seen Peter Francis Geraci advertising for years & I was driving up Ogden & saw a building w/his face on it. I went in, signed up. I got the BEST LAWYER Christine. Boy, she had my thoughts written down before I spoke them. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Then there were the 2 Hananwill classes 1 w/Jay & 1 w/John K. At first it was hard because I don’t know shorthand but when I got the pkg from them to do the evaluation and assessment I LEARNED SOOO MUCH!! Next to my bible that packet will be my 2nd bible. this is the very BEST law firm. I will NEVER NEVER go anywhere Else! and I mean that! When I called w/a question no matter which lawyer picked up the phone they knew about my case and had an answer for me. God Bless you Geraci Law Firm. I am witnessing to each & every person that I can about your superb service & care.”

“Smooth Bankruptcy Experience: The lawyer was specific on how the whole process worked. Made me feel at ease with the bankruptcy process. We went thru the creditors to make sure everything was in order. I let him know that there was one missing and he looked into it right away. So I just signed a paper that would allow it to be amended in. Once again the experience was smooth and not scary like I had thought.”

“Guided us Through: From the moment we sat down to discuss our bankruptcy Peter Francis Geraci has guided us through the process at every step. We knew what requirements were needed and given easy access to complete them. When my wife was out of work for several months due to surgery Mr. Geraci was a good liason to the bankruptcy trustee. Customer service was prompt.
All we had to do was follow Mr. Geraci’s instructions and all went well.”

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