Geraci Law 5 Star Reviews!


Peter Francis Geraci Law Bankruptcy and Injury Attorneys have 5 star rating on AVVO!

“I am a current customer of PFG, I have had an amazing journey so far with them. The y have been extremely resourceful and helpful with my entire case. I work very closely with Ryan S Fojo. He is phenomenal, I am so glad we are able to work together. He is always there to guide me, when I’m feeling unsure he answers all my questions and provides me with security, HE GETS THINGS DONE!!!! Ryan get them done accurately and timely. He also makes me feel as though I am not a lone during my process. I used to watch the commercials of PFG, since I was a small child. I am now 31 and I had still chose this route only because I felt as though I was familiar with them, When I signed up to make the best decision of my life, they made me feel like family. I regret destroying my credit, However I do not regret signing up with PFG. Thank you PFG & Ryan for all that you have done…..”


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