Peter Francis and Geraci Law committed to having offices in the communities it serves

Geraci Law Office, Washington Park.  5401 S. Wentworth

Jackson Park selected for old, library. Washington Park passed up. It is sad that President Obama passed up Washington Park. Chicago attorney Peter Francis Geraci says that “Geraci Law’s committed to having offices in the communities it serves”. One of the newest of Geraci Law’s 22 Chicagoland bankruptcy and injury offices is in the Harold Washington professional building at 5401 S. Wentworth, Chicago Illinois. This is the old grand Boulevard neighborhood, just west of Washington Park.


It costs almost $50,000 to renovate and occupy a 1300 square-foot office space. This is a substantial investment so that Geraci Law can provide quality legal services to underserved communities. Washington Park residents don’t have to go downtown for bankruptcy and injury counseling.

“It is not surprising”, Geraci said, that Obama selected Jackson Park, since that is the focus of the University of Chicago. Washington Park never had a chance, he said, but as development does come to Jackson Park, Washington Park will be far behind.

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