Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Geraci Law wishes all mom’s a happy (belated) Mother’s Day. Having children is a wonderful gift but financially stressful. No one knows this better than Geraci Law.

When you have debt and kids, there never seems to be enough to go around. You pay the minimums but the balance doesn’t get anywhere. You purchase clothing and your kid’s grow out it. You always seem to be…behind.

Filing a bankruptcy could be the solution. By eliminating the debt, you free up your income to pay for food, new cloths, maybe start a savings account. You give your family some much needed relief. I hope all mom’s enjoyed the day. We appreciate you.

Author: Elizabeth Doren Paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C.

I am a paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C. (the greatest consumer bankruptcy law firm that ever was or will be!) I talk to thousands of people who are struggling financially. They call because they know Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law staff help people through very difficult times. I write about the things I read in the news, hear from clients and general information about debt and bankruptcy I find interesting.