Bankruptcy often improves your credit score

If you think that all those collections, past due, late payment, and anything else you’ve stumbled on is good credit, you’re wrong! If you think that you’ll ever pay off a $10,000 repossession, better get 2 jobs.
If you think that your credit score is great now, don’t file bankruptcy, why should you? But if creditors are calling, lawsuits threatened, and you do file a bankruptcy, Chapter 7, what happens?
Your credit score improves after your discharge your debts!! how much? it can go from the 500’s to the 700’s. Why? You have no debt, except things like car and house you are current on! And you can start to save some money, build up emergency fund, open a bank account, and be a good credit risk.
Under Chapter 13, you can’t get more credit without court permission. But chapter 7 gives you a discharge of debt in 4 months. Geraci Law can then assist you in cleaning up your credit report, and improving your credit score. Ask us how.

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