cropped-geracilawlogolarge.pngPeter Francis Geraci is the founding member of Geraci Law L.L.C, a midsized 80 attorney law firm, representing debtors in consumer bankruptcy in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

He has been practicing law since 1977 and is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, New York, and California. He is the author of The Complete Book on Bankruptcy, and numerous CLE seminars on consumer bankruptcy law.

As of 2015, Geraci Law is the largest consumer bankruptcy firm in the country, filing over 13,000 consumer bankruptcy cases in Illinois Indiana and Wisconsin. Geraci Law is widely known as a nice place to work. All attorneys and staff subscribe to the firm’s mission statement, which may be summarized as nice people doing nice things for nice people. Geraci Law attorneys and staff are a very diverse group, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and personal histories.

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