Peter Francis Geraci founded Geraci Law in October 1977. The firm began as a one attorney in a 15 x 20 office at Lawrence and Western on the second floor of a small office building. Geraci Law operated as a sole proprietorship until 2009. Now it is a multistate law firm with over 70 attorneys.

Geraci Law attorneys & staff have helped over 100,000 people get out of debt. We offer affordable payment plans and want to make the process hassle-free.

Geraci Law is the largest consumer bankruptcy law firm in the country filing cases in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. That means hours and years of bankruptcy law experience. It DOES matter who you hire.

Bankruptcy is complicated. When you file, its full financial disclosure. The bankruptcy trustee reviews the petition looking for YOUR stuff to take, sell and use to pay off your creditors. The good news? Geraci Law is here to help and protect what you want to protect. So the only thing you have to lose, is the debt.



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