Debt Worry? Call Geraci Law.

If you are worried – call Geraci Law. Our experts will help you create a plan that HELPS your budget and debt.

Debt Worry? Call Geraci Law.

Because of the market crash in 2008, interest rates on consumer debt like personal loans and credit cards were historically low. The result was consumers having MORE debt with less interest. When everyone was working full-time, the household budget was fine. The income was there to make the minimum payments plus some more on the debt. Geraci Law was there for consumers in 2008 and we’re still here to help.

Now with COVID-19 and employment uncertainty, a missed payment could snowball into a big debt problem. Even if work resumes tomorrow – what if the market isn’t there? What if there’s no job to return to? What if the virus stimulus package only covers ONE MONTH of payments but does not solve the debt problem. Geraci Law may have your solution.

Geraci Law is here to help consumers realign budgets. We help people just like you worried about minimum payments and just making it. Eliminating YOUR debt helps YOUR future instead of the banks.

You can take what you are spending in minimum payments and start a savings account. You can take the money you are putting towards debt settlement or debt management programs and put it toward a down payment on a home or retirement. Bankruptcy with Geraci Law helps you get back on financial track.

Stop wasting your hard-earned dollars on uncontrollable debt.

Think about your future.

Think about your job’s future.

If you are worried, call us. Geraci Law can help you figure out a plan that works for you.

Dial 1-800-CALL-PFG for a free phone mini-consultation, or make an appointment online 24/7 at  Bankruptcy laws are in place to help you.  Who knows bankruptcy like Geraci Law?  Geraci Law has 25,000 5-star reviews 5starsince November 2016!


Author: Elizabeth Doren Paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C.

I am a paralegal at Geraci Law L.L.C. (the greatest consumer bankruptcy law firm that ever was or will be!) I talk to thousands of people who are struggling financially.

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