5 Star Peter Francis Geraci Law Reviews

5starreviews“I was very pleased with how efficient Joe and everyone has been with answering my questions and getting it all down on paper. They didn’t make me feel like I was doing something wrong, and I walked out of here upbeat. Very pleasant approach used.”

“The service here is wonderful. I went to the office in Oak Park and everyone is very nice and helpful. I would recommend Geraci to anyone who needs help.”

“I’m very happy. Wylie has been great in taking care of my case. So have your staff. I heard about you on TV but also I talked to some friends that has filed with your office and they are very happy because they don’t have the stress. I will recommend people as I go along.”

“We came back to Geraci Law because we had a good experience the last time around. Attorney Dale was the one I talked to most. He was very professional and he worked with me on my payments so that I could stay in the case.”

“My experience with Geraci Law has been very easy, fast, and pleasant. Attorney Jason Kara was extremely helpful and upfront about everything. This was very reassuring for me because I was at a point in my life where the financial burden was beginning to be to much to handle and very overwhelming. Thanks to Jason Kara and Geraci Law I was able to breath again. Thank you.”

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