Peter Francis and Geraci Law committed to having offices in the communities it serves

Geraci Law Office, Washington Park.  5401 S. Wentworth

Jackson Park selected for old, library. Washington Park passed up. It is sad that President Obama passed up Washington Park. Chicago attorney Peter Francis Geraci says that “Geraci Law’s committed to having offices in the communities it serves”. One of the newest of Geraci Law’s 22 Chicagoland bankruptcy and injury offices is in the Harold Washington professional building at 5401 S. Wentworth, Chicago Illinois. This is the old grand Boulevard neighborhood, just west of Washington Park.


It costs almost $50,000 to renovate and occupy a 1300 square-foot office space. This is a substantial investment so that Geraci Law can provide quality legal services to underserved communities. Washington Park residents don’t have to go downtown for bankruptcy and injury counseling.

“It is not surprising”, Geraci said, that Obama selected Jackson Park, since that is the focus of the University of Chicago. Washington Park never had a chance, he said, but as development does come to Jackson Park, Washington Park will be far behind.

Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law support Bowen Goes to College!

Attorney Peter Francis Geraci

Bowen Goes to College 2016 is supported by Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law bankruptcy and injury lawyers. This campaign on GoFundMe supports Bowen High School graduates financially when they go to college. You can help out Bowen High School graduates by visiting the link below:

The standup desk a new trend? Not at Geraci Law.

When Geraci law staff, at their downtown office at 55 E. Monroe, asked for standup desks, the firm’s founding member, Peter Francis Geraci, said, “We’re way ahead of you”.  Mr. Geraci had purchased four standup desks back in 2014, but staff was reluctant to use them. One day, a paralegal who is 6 foot four, decided that his back was bothering him, and went to one of the standup units that had up until this time been collecting dust. He liked it so much, that he spends half his time there now! Geraci Law also encourages everyone to get fit with the Blue Cross Blue Shield fitness program. Geraci law provides excellent benefits to everyone, the fitness program only costs $25 a month, and you get a membership to many different gyms including: LA fitness, planet fitness, snap fitness, anytime fitness, workout anytime, zip fitness, fitness 19, and blast fitness. 

Peter Francis Geraci clients are applying under

Peter Francis Geraci clients are applying under for up to 35,000 available through a five-year forgivable loan, if their income is been reduced 15%, and they meet other requirements. Mr. Geraci also encourages those whose homes are worth less than the mortgage, or what is called “underwater”, at, or calling 1-877-456-2656. Geraci said “If your home is underwater, but your mortgage is current for the last 12 months up to 50,000 may be available to reduce the mortgage balance.” National studies have shown that Chicago homeowners in the south suburbs are indeed, hardest hit, having as many as 50% of the housing worth less than the mortgage burden it carries. This is a valuable program to undo some of the frenzied lending that took advantage of lower income homeowners

Geraci Law is a proud sponsor of Genesys Works

Geraci Law is a proud sponsor of Genesys Works ( This not-for-profit institution takes minority high school students and places them with leading Chicagoland businesses and professional organizations such as Geraci Law LLC, Chicago’s leading consumer bankruptcy firm. Interns receive mentoring from Genesys Works, works on such things as how to behave in a professional environment, how to meet and greet, make eye contact, how to dress for success, and how to interact in an environment that, up to this point, may be unfamiliar to them. Geraci Law staff do the same, and help their Genesys Works interns to be the best they can be!