Wells Fargo Continues to Fraud

WFFraud.pngGeraci Law has been battling Wells Fargo for years.  Today they announced a settlement of $158 million involving credit cards.  Their President, John Stumpf, never went to jail for the mortgage meltdown, and no criminal charges were brought this time either. Stumpf did fire 5000 Wells Fargo employees, supposedly.  “Maybe he should fire himself” said Geraci Law founder Peter Francis Geraci.

A few months ago Geraci Law clients, in active Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, received checks for Wells Fargo failing to timely perform escrow analysis on homes.  Again, Attorney Geraci corrected the Wells Fargo ship by sending all the checks to his clients.


Author: John Senese

John Senese is an independent journalist for SunnyTimeNews.com. John has a Master's of Science and has been working with nonprofits for the past two years. If you are interested in submitting a story to John Senese, you can email him at sen@geracilaw.com.