Birds do it, and you can too! Protect your nest, that is…

I live in downtown Chicago, and hawks eat most of the birds they can catch.   Doves nest on my balcony, under the privet bushes in my window box.  Doves, like swans and magpies, mate for life, and will come back to the same safe nest year after year.  Hawks can’t see them because of the bushes, and the color of the dove blends in with the soil!   You need to protect your home and family from the creditor hawk, too.   That means keeping your rent or mortgage current, and protecting yourself and your family from lawsuits, foreclosure, wage deductions, and recovering from illness, job loss and family problems.  That’s what we do at Geraci Law!  Take my free non-bankruptcy credit counseling course at, to find out how to protect your nest!

To find a safe place to nest, protection from hawks is essential


Author: Peter Francis Geraci, Bankruptcy Attorney and Financial Expert

Founding member of Geraci Law L.L.C., a multi-state consumer bankruptcy law firm with over 70 attorneys. One of the largest and oldest consumer bankruptcy law practices in the country. Founding member of Geraci, Arreola, and Hernandez, a personal injury law firm with landmark personal injury and medical malpractice rulings. CEO of Professional Financial Guidance L.L.C. and PFG Credit Counseling, Inc., online providers of bankruptcy debtor education and credit counseling.

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